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Elon Musk JUST EMBARRASSED Apple With The Insane New Tesla Phone!

    Elon Musk initially embarrassed apple with the crazy new Tesla phone, initially no one knew about Tesla, but as time went by, with Elon Musk’s tremendous hard work, innovative vision and hard work Tesla became the leading brand in the electric vehicle market as well as batteries.

    Tech genius Elon Musk and this new invention is going to completely change the ritual for the better Tesla is going to release a new mobile phone that will change the entire market for apples forever. Both Tesla and Apple reach their respective markets in a similar way and both enjoy similar profits in their respective sectors.

    The Model Pie Musk from the upcoming Mobile Alone is one of the most fascinating inventions I’ve ever seen, there have been a lot of reveal features and theories about this Tesla phone on the internet in the past few months.

    It appears that if these reports are accurate there will certainly be a collapse in the smartphone market and the internet itself. It is impossible for Tim Cook to replicate Steve Jobs’ unique approach to management and product creation, although Elon Musk criticized Cook in this regard. Worked much better than that.

    While these companies have one thing in common, both have a lot in common. The accurate market assessment of brand loyalty in the minds of their customers and the many big companies that follow them are also rapidly growing smartphones.

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    New Tesla cars are playing a role and some of them are already fully integrated with Tesla’s in-car audio visual technology. So it’s likely that Musk is looking at making his own phone that will Not only would it be useful for Tesla users but for anyone who would be genuinely useful.

    There are rumors that the phone will be equipped with Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 898 processor and two terabytes of flash storage, while Apple only offers 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage on its smartphones which is impressive for a Tesla phone,

    It has a special coating. On its body which makes it possible to change the color as it pleases whereas it may be due to environmental factors that the colors match.

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