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Elon Musk JUST DESTROYED Mark Zuckerberg With Twitter Purchase!

    Elon Musk JUST DESTROYED Mark Zuckerberg With Twitter Purchase!

    Elon Musk destroys Mark Zuckerberg with a Twitter buy though it is common that Elon Musk often grabs headlines with his extraordinary inventions or some crazy announcements, but you will not believe what he has announced now. Twitterati are very excited about it but some people are in trouble. In this article we will talk about everything about Musk’s latest announcement.

    Microblogging and social networking site Twitter has been a very accessible platform since this decade which allows users to send and receive messages known as tweets. Unregistered users can only read publicly visible Tweets. While registered users can write and retweet them, Twitter is an important tool for politicians, corporate employees, celebrities and journalists to promote their message and moderate their statements in many aspects.

    The platform is most effective as a communication tool for those who are already well-known and important, despite only having about 200 million daily users, Twitter has had a significant impact on changing politics, especially in the United States. This new era of tangled speech has seen a rise in concerns in recent years, with Twitter’s guidelines identifying false choices, claims or misinformation about the coveted 19 vaccinations.

    Twitter has begun to strike a balance between allowing users to speak whatever they want, but limiting the harm they can do on its platform. But there is a person who can rock the digital world with just one tweet. , He is not. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. Besides Musk, who has 82 million Twitter followers, he is a frequent user of the medium as well as one of its most vocal opponents in March. Musk urged his followers to vote.

    In his speech, he described the election results as extremely important, citing the fact that about 70 out of 20 lakh respondents did not vote. Forum Moscow believes in governments that govern by least which means government should not interfere in your personal life but should make life easier in general.

    Elon Musk views on Twitter raise the issue of how a corporation with the least power should be able to control who freely expresses their opinion and how Kasturi’s ownership of Twitter and personal control of the social media platform are common. . How effectively it affects the wider public interest is an important question. Musk suggested a number of changes to Twitter in a series of deleted tweets, including introducing an edit button for tweets and giving premium users an automatic verification mark.

    There is no experimental evidence that an edit button on Twitter would change the way information is disseminated, although previous studies had looked at this. Musk said in his letter to Taylor that he invested in Twitter because he believed in the platform. That Twitter actually functions as a public city square that fails to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy, which it has the potential to do.

    Globe Twitter hasn’t been able to establish a massive advertising business like Google-owned YouTube or gain billion users like Facebook, which has 11 times more daily active users and 5 times more in the last quarter than Twitter. Multiple times more revenue, but here Musk’s proposed $43 billion offer to buy Twitter shows how essential and influential the firm is to him even compared to much larger competitors, which is why Musk already owns a majority stake in Twitter.

    now spending its time and energy loudly saying it wants to take over the firm completely, best described by Kasturi, and finally, the tech mogul’s roller coaster relationship with Twitter . As an exploit he reveals that his investment is a major shareholder in the social media company Kasturi, then refuses a position. Twitter’s board of directors fueled speculation that it would attempt a hostile takeover. Kasturi also indicated that he would make a move. Speaking at the TED 2022 conference in Vancouver, Musk was asked why he wanted to buy Twitter.

    That said, my strong instinct is that having a public forum that is maximally credible and broadly inclusive is vital to the future of civilization. Then he continues but I don’t care about economics at all, however Twitter issued a statement in a news release, the corporation used a defensive tactic known as poison pill, which forced the company to mine its muskets. Increasing ownership became difficult. The Shareholder Rights Plan does not prohibit the Company from accepting buyout offers or negotiating with other parties.

    The firm was still examining Musk’s offer and a decision would be made in the best interests of our shareholders. Twitter as a public company has always been up for sale, Twitter co-founder Jay C.K. Dorsey said when asked if that was a real issue when it plans to make the decision.

    The company’s stock is currently trading at a discount to the billionaire’s offer, indicating that investors are skeptical of the transaction’s success. The letter to Taylor Musk said it would re-evaluate its position as a Twitter shareholder if Twitter rejects the offer. Kasturi has also suggested that a new social media platform will now be created.

    This is great news if Musk launched his own social media platform would you quit Twitter for that let me know in the comments but here’s a twist on Musk’s announcement whether this buyout is for Zuckerberg, whatever What causes difficulties, we are well aware that Musk previously campaigned against Facebook, now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reprimanded Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for owning the giant media network.

    As Musk tried to acquire Twitter, he rebuked Zuckerberg in his speech, Elon Musk mocked Mark Zuckerberg for accusing him of h. Exercising too much power over the public conversation and referring to him as the 14th Zuckerberg, he claimed it was a bid to protect democracy and promote freedom of expression, not a ploy to gain money. When asked what he would say to the debaters. Having the richest man in the world oversee such a powerful platform can be dangerous.

    Musk said he wanted to make it more open, not more restrictive. As for media ownership, I mean you have Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp and with the share ownership structure in which the 14th Mark Zuckerberg is still controlling those entities instead of Twitter dominating, Musk said he intends to keep as many shareholders as possible.

    He currently owns 9.1 percent of Manta, the parent company of Twitter, Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp, which is owned by Zuckerberg, who owns 12.8 percent of the corporations Musk and Zuckerberg have long been at odds. According to Musk, after the rocket destroyed the Facebook satellite, Zuckerberg issued a public statement claiming that he was deeply disappointed in the corporation. It also said that it intends to open up Twitter’s algorithms and that it wants to favor freedom of expression rather than censorship.

    Musk wants to buy Twitter so that it can be used to communicate rather than remain silent until it recognizes human speech. This would generate some degree of resentment as in an Orwellian or Stalinist society. Not so, but what do you think can Twitter turn into a revolutionary platform that allows ordinary people to express their feelings without restriction Can Twitter be a strong defender of free speech.

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