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Elon Musk Just Revealed, NATO Declared War On Russia

    NATO Declared War On Russia

    NATO Declared War On Russia, Elon Musk helped Ukraine and analyzed what is happening now Elon Musk revealed that NATO declared war on Russia.This is due to the fact that because of Russian special operations in Ukraine you need to arise here.

    The escalating conflict between these two countries has affected financial markets around the world.Investors are confused that shares in Tesla’s electric vehicle production sector are not immune from the fall and have suffered one.

    Strong price fluctuations in recent days have already caused the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles to lose some of its market value due to supply chain problems and an expected rise in interest rates and the increased risk of conflict between Russia and Ukraine Is.

    Due to which the problems of the company have increased. Thus if the situation is not resolved soon, Tesla shares could face a brutal sell-off, something many investors immediately began to do when US President Joe Biden promised measures against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even then, getting rid of stocks, open military conflict has driven up inflation rates that have already hit 40-year highs and could be a short-term catalyst.

    On the other hand, volatile macroeconomic conditions from the rise of Tesla shares are expected to propel oil prices, which should accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Tesla is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and has the ability to make the most of it. Every chance is there.

    The mass transition to the use of electric vehicles, which Elon Musk himself has called for urgently increasing oil and gas production from the United States because green energy will not be able to quickly replace exports from the Russian Federation.

    NATO Declared War On Russia, Musk acknowledged that increased production would have a negative impact on his company, although sustainable energy solutions may not immediately compensate for Russian oil and gas exports he added on the morning of March 3, for the first time since February 2013 for Brent crude. May futures traded above Rs 118 per barrel.

    Reuters wrote that oil is becoming more expensive due to the fact that investors fear a disruption in the supply of Russian crude due to sanctions against Russia Now Brent crude oil is priced at $126 a barrel.Elon Musk is trying to bring the end of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine up so he opened up access to the Starlink satellite internet and at the request of the Prime Minister of Ukraine sent a batch of satellite receivers.

    He later called with Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelinsky and they agreed to a further delivery of satellite dishes in response to requests from NATO countries to block Russian media content on their Starlink network.SpaceX founder Elon Musk said he would not block Russian media content on his Starlink network. He said on Twitter that the decision to block them had been taken by the governments of several countries without specifying which Ukraine they had. A Russian special operation has been conducted since February 24.

    Requested for this statement that Russian news resources are propaganda resources Elon Musk replied All new sources are partly propaganda, so choose any topic you know a lot more than others, then If you read about this subject from the eyes of the media then you will see how biased and deceitful the media is.Extrapolating this level of bias to other topics you know very well, which you don’t know much about, is a subscriber-given term with which Elon Musk completely agrees.

    Entrepreneur calls himself an absolutist in terms of freedom of expression, let’s praise him for his honesty. The topic of expanding and increasing oil and gas production Elon Musk also called for the launch of dormant nuclear power plants and increasing capacity.The radiation risk of existing ones is not as great as many believe that nuclear power requires burning hydrocarbons for energy. Global warming is much less harmful in comparison.

    Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced the need to launch nuclear power plants that are currently dormant Elon Musk calls for launching dormant nuclear power plants and increasing the capacity of existing ones.Radiation risk is not as great as many believe nuclear power is much less harmful to global warming than burning hydrocarbons for energy Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced the need to launch nuclear power plants that Currently inactive I hope this is enough now.

    Europe should restart dormant nuclear power plants and increase the capacity of existing ones, this is important for national and international security. Also nuclear power is much less harmful than burning hydrocarbons for energy to global warming. Is.According to him the decision would serve to strengthen national and international security. Musk said the risk of radiation contamination is exaggerated to prove that the inventor is ready to go to Japan and eat food prepared for him from products grown near Fukushima. ready for.

    A nuclear power plant’s radiation exposure is very low. Most people believe the inventors when the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine will end, does NATO contribute to an early peace. Zelensky calls them cowards because they leave Ukraine. Their fear of entering an airless space in the sky is certainly understandable.

    It is impossible to offer a pilot free space from Ukraine’s territory which would mean other countries would come into conflict, closing off the skies over Ukraine for Russian aerospace forces, which Ukrainian officials called the European Union and the European Union, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. Calling for NATO will have disastrous consequences for the whole world.

    The implementation of this need to close the sky is associated with huge and disastrous consequences not only for Europe, but also for the whole world, I think those who are doing something on the other side understand that the Russian leader said earlier verkhovna Ukraine’s Rada appealed to European countries and the North Atlantic Alliance to close Ukrainian airspace.

    kept Russia out of the UN Security Council and strengthened anti-Russian sanctions, but we still continue to buy oil from Russia, but they say that Russia is attacking other European countries because of the sanctions already against the Russian Federation. China has called on the United States NATO and the European Union to hold similar talks with Russia on March 8.

    China took into account China’s Permanent Representative to the United States NATO and the European Union to hold similar talks with Russia and to address Moscow’s security concerns.Yuan Zhang Jun said at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that we call on the United States NATO and the European Union to have equal dialogue with Russia, special attention should be paid to the negative impact on the security situation for Russia, which continues to as a result of the advance.

    Formerly NATO’s Zhangjun, who also said that NATO itself is responsible for the conflict, the United States has made a major entry into the fire of the Ukrainian crisis with its policy of expanding NATO to the east, the diplomat said. Xiao Li Jian insisted.China has always believed that the security of one country cannot be insured and regional security cannot be insured at the cost of the security of other countries. d Not too far through the expansion of military blocs in 1997, while Senator Biden said the only thing that could provoke Russia to a hostile and energetic response.

    NATO expansion into the Baltic states On 17 December 2021 Russia proposed to NATO and a draft of treaties on United States security guarantees were published by the Russian Foreign Ministry among other proposals Russia urged NATO members to abandon further expansion in the East and Called on Ukraine and other states of Eastern Europe to conduct any military activity in the region of Transcaucasia.

    Countries other than Central Asia offered participants of the North Atlantic Alliance not to include Ukraine in the organization, the alliance fears controversial moments of confrontation with Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelinsky, said that he has long been quiet on the issue of his country. Were.

    Joining NATO in relation to NATO I have long been quiet on this issue when we realized that NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine, the coalition fears controversial moments confrontation with Russia We will never do this Didn’t want to be a country that asks for something on its knees and we will never become such a country.

    I don’t want to be president Zelensky said Ukraine’s membership in NATO has been discussed on the country’s domestic agenda as Kyiv declared independence from Moscow after the events of 2014, during mass protests in Ukraine.

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