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Elon Musk joins Twitter to mock Alyssa Milano’s latest political stunt

    Elon Musk joins Twitter to mock Alyssa Milano's latest political stunt

    Elon Musk joins Twitter to mock Alyssa Milano’s latest political stunt. Well liberal actress and activist Alyssa Milano is getting a little history lesson when she thinks she pulled an over on new Twitter CEO Elon Musk Milano.

    He tweeted that he traded in his Tesla for Volkswagen Electric, I’m not sure how advertisers can buy space. With Twitter aligning the products of publicly traded companies with whites with hatred and white supremacy, this doesn’t sound like a winning business model.

    But users were quick to point out that Volkswagen’s dice passed through more than one shareholding, given that the company began as a state-owned enterprise in Nazi Germany owned by Elon Musk. So he didn’t care what Alyssa Milano tweeted to one person, Emily.

    Imagine you wake up and you’re the owner of Elon Musk, trading your American-made car for one. Actually founded by Nazis yes I think it is me I agree with Elon Musk in sharing Alyssa Milano’s activism and tweeting once again as a response after calling it out.

    If you’re worried about advertising on Twitter then you have to be worried about the $255 million advertisers made while it was the biggest censorship machine censorship machine ever on the planet, well you can’t cherry pick what it’s doing Who’s doing what wrong? Time, you should be too, Steven.

    I think unless you’re yes, no and Todd is about saving the planet this morning, the console tweets and talks about how Elon Musk handled uh Tesla’s favorability among Democrats on Twitter, That’s down about 20 percentage points and up about four points from last month. Electric Vehicles for Republicans, Democrats So how quickly has this past month turned into my favorite holiday movie Elf that many of you may be watching right now.

    If you don’t already have a line when Will Ferrell walks into that coffee shop and says congratulations you made it the best cup of coffee in the world, for the Democrats I would say congratulations you did it you saved the planet No need for saved electricity The car now drove all those Tesla cool things Oh and also Elon Musk just took over Twitter and you hate Elon Musk.

    This is so insidious by democrats but why would you expect anything else at this point you should be clear what is going on here democrats and leftists want this world of censorship this world of lockdown if there is an opinion that if this They want to shut it down and rather than engage, they are so scared of what they are saying that their opinion will not be defendable.

    In many cases they don’t, so it puts them in a position where we’re going to shut it down and Elon Musk does what Elon Musk does that upsets Elon Musk he perpetuates that stereotype and It really throws him into a tizzy yes no Todd I think you raise a good point and Harris Elon Musk is not saying Twitter is going to be one for all he says there will be rules that Will limit views that self-censorship is not going to happen.

    you don’t like and then you have senator ed markey says elon musk’s plan is a threat to public health and may require congressional intervention ah but they were thirsty for it plus they’re in a privately owned company Would love to step in, now he didn’t have words to say about the Ayatollah’s account, which has or used to have a blue cheque.

    I haven’t checked it recently they don’t have a problem I mean look at what’s going on in Iran as a whole but now that Elon Musk owns this company, out of the corridors of Congress There is a lot of interest in one. I just want everyone to know the history of where the German Labor Front founded its company.

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