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Elon Musk Iss, Elon Musk Suggests That SpaceX Could Keep ISS Aloft Despite Russian Threats

    Elon musk iss, Elon Musk said that even if SpaceX is threatened by Russia

    Elon Musk iss, Elon Musk said that even if SpaceX is threatened by Russia, we will not let the ISS come down.Announcement Musk says that no matter what the circumstances.If the ISS is threatened by the Russian government, then the work of the ISS is not going to stop.

    And there will be no hindrance in her work, she will do her continuous work.The way Russia attacked Ukraine, Elon Musk and other countries are supporting Ukraine.Due to which Russia’s Rogozin threatened the United States and Europe.

    Saying that we will not contribute to the collision of the International Space Station.The International Space Station, which is run by many countries.

    What did Rogozin tweet?

    Rogozin tweet

    And if any one of them stops contributing, then it can fall down.Elon Musk doesn’t bother anyone, because he believes in himself.He said that Russia can use any technology, but the space station will not stop, it will do its work continuously.Rogozin tweeted that sanctions that interfered with Russian work by the ISS could have caused the 500-ton station to crash.

    How did Elon Musk reply to Rogozin?

    Elon Musk reply to rogozin

    Who will save the ISS from uncontrolled deorbit, Rogozin said, will fall in Europe and the United States.You are going to enjoy knowing that Elon Musk replied with great love.They just sent the SpaceX logo, and it had SpaceX written in it.This shows that if there is any kind of problem, it will be solved by SpaceX itself.

    What does Putin want to do?

    Elon Musk responded quickly to Rogozin, and SpaceX would keep him fully capable.Ukraine has got relief because of Elon Musk, but Russia is still not back.Russia says that NATO, which is a US organization, is involving all countries with it.Ukraine first met Russia, later broke away, so Putin says, why Ukraine wants to leave Russia and join NATO.

    If Ukraine joins the NATO organization, they will get full NATO support, which is harmful to Russia.After that, if Russia attacks to capture Ukraine, then Russia will be attacked by NATO.NATO organization includes big countries, which will destroy Russia in a few minutes.

    If Ukraine joins with NATO, then Russia feels that NATO will capture them too.Thinking this, Putin intended to occupy Ukraine.Ukraine should join with NATO, so that they get the support of America, and Russia will not have the right to occupy Ukraine.Everyone has the right to be free, and any country can cooperate with anyone.

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