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Elon Musk is surrounded by yes-men, and it’s a recipe for disaster: ‘The emperor has no clothes, but everybody’s too afraid to tell him’

    Elon Musk is surrounded by yes-men, and it's a recipe for disaster: 'The emperor has no clothes, but everybody's too afraid to tell him'

    According to insiders, Elon Musk has people in the business world to support him, and their relationship is strong, but it’s what experts say that his circle of “yes-men” may be his undoing.

    It’s the classic scenario where the emperor has no clothes, but everyone is too afraid to tell him, William Klepper, a management professor who teaches an executive-leadership course at Columbia Business School, told Insider, citing an illustration.

    It’s a very tenuous position because no one in the CEO ranks is spotless.

    This month, Musk was booed by the audience on Dave Chappelle’s comedy show. At the time, the billionaire said it was a first for him in real life and it is not surprising that the second-richest man would be unfazed by public criticism, and in private life Musk is admired, the insider reported.

    In October, a trove of text messages between Elon Musk and some of the biggest names in tech and media showed the billionaire greatly admired his plan to make Twitter private. The texts included offers to run the company, requests to restore accounts and a desire to consider relatives for roles. Jason Calacanis, an angel investor, offered Elon Musk a “jump on a grand” for a possible misspelling of “grenade” and told the billionaire you have my sword.

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