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Elon Musk is reportedly trimming some of Twitter’s office space in New York City

    Elon Musk is reportedly trimming some of Twitter's office space in New York City

    Elon Musk has allegedly trimmed some of the Twitter office space in New York City, except for the 200,000 -Square -Foot office location in Twitter Manhattan, Bloomberg reported.

    The move is allegedly part of CEO Elone Musk’s efforts to cut the cost. Elon Musk kept more workers over the last weekend in the latest round of the company. Take a look at the office site that Elon Musk turned into a bedroom at Twitter headquarters.

    Elon Musk converted some Twitter offices into bedrooms. Elon Musk converted some office space into a sleeping quarter at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. It followed its “hardcore” ultimatum, asked employees to “longer on high intensity”.

    Take a look inside some of the quarters of sleep, appearing alone with a musk bedroom. Elon Musk has converted some office space into a bedroom at San Francisco headquarters in Twitter and allegedly made one for itself. It attracted the attention of the Building Inspection Department of the San Francisco Department, saying that it was investigating the reports.

    Elon Musk was not affected, tweeting: “So companies of the city’s SF attack companies offer beds for tired employees, rather than ensuring that children are safe from fantanels. @londonBreed!”

    The decision to sleep to some employees in the office by a worker tweet a picture of his boss, which tweeted in a sleeping bag and a mask in a sleeping bag on the floor of Twitter’s office last month, a mask, musk control immediately after.

    Take a look inside the location of the office that is converted into a bedroom. Ever since Elon Musk took over last year, Twitter has been shrinking in every way. In this last weekend, Musk kept hundreds of employees, including some of his most loyal employees.

    Musk workers have been issued in tireless efforts to cut cost. Now, he is also moving away at the company’s office place. Recently in Manhattan 245 and 249 W, Twitter listed the location of the 200,000 square -office between the 17th Saint, Bloomberg on Tuesday described the figures of real estate company Sawils.

    The company has already been sued for failing to pay rent in its San Francisco Headquarters and London office. Twitter is not the only major tech company to cut office space in New York. Later at the end of last year, the office returned as part of a low cost effort in the office space at the Hudson Yard of Meta Manhattan.

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