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Elon Musk helped Ukraine, Elon Musk activates Starlink internet service in Ukraine after minister’s plea

    Elon Musk helped Ukraine

    Elon Musk helped Ukraine, Elon Musk has done a great job, knowing that you will be happy, And your love for them will increase.Recently there was a gunfight between Ukraine and Russia, which caused a lot of damage to both the countries.In which many people were killed, and the government of Ukraine has suffered a lot.Russia damaged all of Ukraine’s cables, and destroyed property for many.

    Starlink Elonmuskpower

    Due to which the Internet service in Ukraine was stopped.Then the President of Ukraine was very sad, because he wants to see the people of Ukraine safely.He had no other way, he asked everyone for help, and he got everyone’s support.The President of Ukraine tweeted to Elon Musk, that while you are working to send people to Mars, when you think of everyone, then help me too.

    See what Elon Musk tweeted?

    Ukrain tweet Elon musk

    How did Elon Musk respond?

    Elon Musk reply यूक्रेन

    Elon Musk immediately responded to this question, that Internet service has been started in Ukraine.And America has told them to give money and weapons.If Russian troubles Ukraine, then they are not going to remain silent.Ukraine is getting the support of all countries.

    Recently the Prime Minister of India has talked about convincing the government of Russia.The Prime Minister of India said, this fight, quarrels, riots, disputes can cause trouble not only to others but also to you.

    Elon Musk helped Ukraine, then Google and Facebook blocked Russia’s page and rejected Adsense earnings.Simultaneously, the monetization of rt channel of Ukraine has also been stop.All countries have turned their backs on Russia, and big companies (Google, Facebook) have given a befitting reply to them.Google and Facebook are also providing assistance to Ukraine.

    But Ukraine does not want to be a slave of anyone.And everyone in this earth has the right to be free, whoever it is, and belong to any country.The Ukrainian government said that Russia wants to occupy Ukraine.The government of Ukraine gave guns to all the people.

    Because Russia is a very big country, it will hardly be able to win from them.If Russia takes any big step, then everyone can see them together and fight with them, for which the Russian government may have to suffer.

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