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Elon Musk has pulled more than 50 Tesla employees into his Twitter takeover

    Elon Musk has pulled more than 50 Tesla employees into his Twitter takeover

    Elon Musk has pulled more than 50 of his trusted Tesla employees, mostly software engineers from the Autopilot team, in his Twitter acquisition, CNBC has learned.

    Automaker Tesla and reusable rocket maker SpaceX CEO Elon Musk completed a $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on October 28 and immediately made an impression there.

    He immediately fired the company’s CEO, CFO, policy and legal team leaders, and also dissolved Twitter’s board of directors. Employees at other Musk’s companies are now authorized to work on Twitter, according to internal records accessed by CNBC. ,

    Some of Elon Musk’s friends, advisors, and supporters, including his family office head Jared Birchall, angel investor Jason Calacanis, and PayPal’s COO and venture capitalist David Sachs, are two people who share Musk’s last names, James and Andrew Musk, respectively. share. Worked on Palantir and Neuralink.

    Elon Musk from Tesla, Ashok Eluswamy, director of software development, Autopilot, and Teslabot engineering director Milan Kovac, Maha Virduhagiri, senior director of software engineering, Pete Schottzo, a senior staff technical program manager, and Jake are among the dozens of people listed. were from. Nokon, a senior manager of security intelligence. Worked as.

    Nocon previously worked for Uber and Nisos, which had a multimillion-dollar contract with Tesla, to identify insider threats and monitor the company’s critics. But depend on who and what to cut or keep on the social network.

    He is pressuring them to learn everything about Twitter from source code to content moderation and data privacy requirements as soon as possible so that he can redesign the platform as a free speech absolutist with Musk . Gift.

    He has to balance his desires with laws and business realities. He said in an open letter to advertisers last week that while he was acquiring the company clearly Twitter can’t become a free-for-all hellscape without consequences. Anything can be said.

    It’s not immediately clear how Tesla employees are expected to split their schedules between the automaker and Twitter. When Tesla employees work for other Elon Musk enterprises, notably SpaceX or The Boring Company, they are consultants. As may be paid by other enterprise.

    Some of Elon Musk’s employees have full-time roles in more than one of his businesses. For example, Tesla’s vice president of materials Charlie Kuhman is also concurrent vice president at SpaceX.

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