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Elon Musk Finally Launched Starship 2.0 2022 – Elon Musk Power


    STARSHIP 2.0

    After the eventful year we just had in 2021, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in 12 months. We’re exploring the past and future for SpaceX’s starships with the help of the awesome 3D artists who always help bring this story to life.
    After all, we’re a little surprised, that we’ve worked out. You are going to love it! Throughout the past year the production team and I have had the privilege of helping to keep the global space community up to date with Starship development progress.
    For those new to this topic you may not immediately understand the implications of what you are seeing here.

    Wouldn’t this mission be possible without the tireless efforts of the space community?

    This is SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy Rocket. If the goals of this program are successful, we will eventually have the ability to transport cargo and passengers to Earth orbit, the Moon and even Mars. The most surprising thing? It is planned to make it the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever. And it would be completely reusable and highly cost-effective compared to anything that exists today.
    If they can pull this off, it will literally change the industry forever. I love presenting these events every Saturday in a fun and easy to understand format as accurately as possible, and thank you for coming back time and time again to take this ride with us.
    What has helped us is to reach a wider audience and share these historical events. Of course this would not be possible without the tireless efforts of the entire space community. Without LabPadre, Starship Gazer, NASASpaceFlight and all the photographers and videographers, many events would not have reached the broader community with the same frequency.

    What is SpaceX planning before it becomes a reality?

    Add to the sky as the eyes of the community in this RGV aerial photography, and we have every angle covered. But we want more rights! We want to see what SpaceX is planning before it becomes a reality. This is where an army of hobby and professional 3D artists come in, gathering all the images and videos they take on the site.
    Converts them into the most amazing 3D models and renders. After astonishing test flights of the Starship prototype over the past 12 months, it’s not hard to see why the cast has devoted an enormous amount of their time to bringing this story to life.

    Let’s take Alex Swann as an example.

    If you want to know anything about SpaceX’s Raptor engine, you’re covered here. This is the engine in real life. Nice huh! The next of these, the Raptor Version 2, would each have a thrust force of over 230 metric tons. With many pictures of Raptor, Alex made some magic like this. A 3D model so detailed, that you can even see it as glass.
    It was on full starship and even animation like fake launch material and flight and these reentry animations. This is exactly what we’re expecting to see in real life with SpaceX’s first orbital test flight earlier this year. What’s especially exciting, I think, is that Alex didn’t create this magic out of nowhere.
    Other rocket development agencies have been prompted to take notice. What’s more, Alex is working directly with Launcher to create official presentation materials. Another project that we are watching closely this coming year. If you are in love with that Raptor model, then Izaan also has some pretty crazy skills as shown in this model of Raptor No. 50.
    The time taken in this work is just mind boggling. Corey also known as C-Bass Productions is another very talented individual. He has been a staple of our channel since day one and I think it is safe to say, that he knows Starship inside and out. With a great eye for detail like the one we see here in one of our favorites, the interior view of Starship Plumbing I love this simplicity for the entire Starship view in explaining the fuel storage and tank layout, and the autogenous pressurization system.

    To fly, the 29 Raptor engine uses the advanced 33-engine layout instead of the Booster 4?

    Fuel is rapidly depleting, while Starship needs to keep tanks pressed. This is all very interesting. Once again some more incredible trips here to see what a starship launch might look like with breathtaking animations, along with wild plans to catch the booster out of the air upon its return, the real first catch attempt will be on a future booster.
    Probably to take a second or third flight, so this animation uses the upgraded 33-engine layout instead of the current 29 Raptor engine Booster 4. I want to say thank you personally. Tony Bella, a fellow Australian, has been incredibly generous in sharing his time and material with me and the community. There is something very unique and compelling about the intricate information graphics they create. As you can tell from the material itself here.
    He is an award winning illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist. This too is a subtle work. Not only is there all the amazing Starship and SpaceX related infographics and illustration. Now we share beautiful renders from ErcX all the time. I don’t know how much introduction Eric needs, as he has accumulated quite a following on Twitter. One thing you might not know is how closely Eric works with Mike, who runs the Smallstars channel here. Just this one post explores possible interior options for SpaceX’s lunar starship.

    Lots of amazing cross over stuff made by the two of them which is often quite eye-opening. You’ll want to follow both because it’s always great to see one of their epic renders. If you’re interested in the more distant future, SpaceXvision is obsessed with looking at space exploration concepts down the track. The 3D renders presented reflect the desire of the overall space community to “what could be”. Creative imagination leaps into the unknown here, using the starship as a springboard.

    What if we have artificial gravitational potential for starships by rotating two starships from a rigid connector? How

    About the benefits of a more dedicated fuel depot and preparing for future missions to the Moon or Mars. It’s the beauty of the creative process and the freedom to explore that, that captures the imagination, and is sure to delight all sci-fi fans. Imagine what could become a reality. When we can effectively launch 100 or 150 metric tons into orbit at a time.

    Being engaged in industry and able to profit from mining, supply and trade, it is the defining stuff of all eras. So yeah, there are so many amazing actors out there that I can’t possibly do justice to them all in one post segment. Let’s not forget Ryan Hansen’s attention to space and detail, especially in the launch tower’s renders. or Casper Stanley,

    Creating amazing assets for so many people and building a rocket explorer that lets you tinker with so many of these models. There’s a lot more I don’t have time to share, but if you’re a real lover of this starship story, check out all the links below and thank you all for bringing the space community along on this ride. The number of people affected by all this work is significant. who have worked with us.

    Easy Points:-

      1. Please know that this “thank you” is also to all of you who have contacted us over the past year. You have helped improve not only my channel, but the entire space community with your amazing creative talent. Now I haven’t spent a lot of time talking about Elon’s last Starship presentation, and I have something different for you today.
      2. Something that I think you’re going to really love. This interactive learning platform lets you explore math, science and computer science concepts in fun, practical ways. If you’re thinking about ways to better yourself for the new year, think about some of the areas you might have. Questions that you would like to understand more deeply. Whether you’re looking to learn something completely new or trying to brush up on a few topics.
      3. You’ll find the information you’re looking for in Brilliants’ extensive content library. Take this Computer Science Fundamentals course as an example. Computers can make almost countless decisions every second, but what you might not know is that most of these decisions can be broken down into very simple processes. This course explains this with easy-to-understand visuals such as this decision tree.
      4. It’s great to visualize ideas like this, and that means, that you can learn in bite-sized pieces, and then build on that knowledge as you progress. If you’re naturally curious and you want to build those problem-solving skills, now I thought Elon’s last Starship presentation was inspiring enough.
      5. Using all the assets at our disposal we have created a mini starship presentation of our own. And I think it’s a great way to bring the new year. 2022 is going to be amazing, so strap in, hold tight, and enjoy the ride. SpaceX’s overarching goal is to advance space technology, so that humanity can become a multi-planetary species, and eventually a space-faring civilization and make the things we read about in science fiction come true.
      6. They are not always fiction. What we’re aiming to develop with Starship is a generalized means of transporting large amounts of people, or people, anywhere in the Solar System.
    Have a nice day❤️

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