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Elon Musk Facing $258 Billion Lawsuit Over Alleged Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme

    Wants 1 billion again with 1 billion active users, about 230 million which is the big increase he expects to see and he says he will tolerate a lot of aElon busive tweets, leaving a lot of people wondering .

    What this means cnbc is reporting. He also assured employees over a video call that they can work from home and that the layoffs will depend on the overall financial health of the company. He also said that he does not need to be CEO.

    The source tells CNBC that most staff reactions on Twitter’s Slack message board were negative. Imagine that a Twitter user with knowledge of the call to bad messages on Slack summarized it with a tweet on Highlight that included this reply.

    will he ever see an alien he doesn’t have a question he hasn’t answered buy actually twitter jake ward is joining me now with all the details like i should put this in the background here because a lot of people are okay Were like Elon Musk at this town hall with Twitter employees.

    I’m probably going to get some headlines out of this if the aliens on your Elon Musk bingo card are good for you because it went in some directions that I guess people didn’t expect this perfect heli you were really on anything Don’t bet.

    around Elon Musk and I have to say you know I think of myself as quite a busy person, but you know what I mean Elon Musk I mean there’s a lot going on in that guy’s life right now So that’s right.

    Let’s start with this lawsuit first uh dogecoin and you are right to say it that way thank you investor not you but the right way to do it you are right and you know he basically says that He and others like him so you imagine.

    That’s going to be the major plaintiff that’s going to be a massive class action, essentially a loss of about $86 billion during the existence of Dogecoin, it was invented as a joke and its co-founders originally said.

    That’s something called the Big Fool theory that you can make other people think about it who are more stupid than you, are they really referenced that in a lawsuit filed in federal court and that would be the question.

    Whether the protracted litigation of whether uhh promotional tweets and SNL appearances and all the places Elon Musk pushed Dogecoin as determined in this lawsuit is being linked to the air because essentially he is promoting something like, That tells the lawsuit is completely useless.

    no cash value is nothing of value and it’s based here on this more complete theory halle ok so this lawsuit which is again a staggering amount at about $260 billion which is a lot of money

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