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Elon Musk EXPOSES Kamala Harris’ Corruption In a SHOKING Interview!

    Elon Musk EXPOSES Kamala Harris' Corruption In a SHOKING Interview!

    Giving Resources Based on Equity Understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equality Understanding that not everyone starts in the same place Elon Musk Kamala Harris, Vice President Heavy allegations have been leveled against Elon Musk, who used to have one.

    Has friendly relations with Kamala and supported the Democratic Party even before Kamala was appointed Vice President, now has nothing positive to say about him. They feel that Kamala Harris is ready to sacrifice all her values. She wants to and to be honest, things took a turn for the worse when Harris and Biden started ignoring Elon Musk for some reason.

    So what exactly was Elon’s issue with Kamala Harris, what happened between them, why can’t Elon Musk say something nice about Kamala, we’ll go over all the details behind the argument and after video commentary on this situation and me Tell me if you think this will ever be resolved Biden and Harris have repeatedly ignored the tech billionaire This may not be a big deal to us but Musk got angry Shockingly Tesla CEO Wasn’t even invited to the conference of electric car makers.

    On top of that Tesla was not acknowledged or honored, obviously something had to happen after all this, resulting in an ongoing feud between Elon and Harris as if not inviting Musk was not enough that Biden did on electric vehicles. Tesla has been consistently ignored while praising the production. , Many were taken aback by Biden’s actions and thoughts and some even claimed that it was a genuine mistake on Biden’s part but how can one forget Biden and Kamala, the world’s leading electric vehicle automaker.

    Elon Musk has often expressed his willful ignorance about it. Neither Elon Musk nor May Musk have responded favorably to it and Joe Biden has praised overseas General Motors for tweeting impressive Tesla sales figures in the US. Why does President Elon need us as a reminder? It garnered widespread attention and everyone became aware of Elon Musk and Biden’s feud, you’re probably asking what Kamala Harris is doing with Biden in this well. Part, he begins to ignore Elon and his inventions.

    While he never addressed or praised Tesla’s achievements, he also highlighted other electric car companies like Ford. and General Motors’ Elon that Kamala Harris is benefiting financially from her prestigious position as Vice President of the United States, which is a significant claim for Musk, but whether these claims are genuine or whether they have They have been disclosed in front.

    With the serious allegations, his position as the Vice President is now in jeopardy. Elon claims he has gathered enough material to prove that Kamala Harris is incapable of serving as Vice President, wait that’s actually it. what does he mean why he thinks harris is a corrupt politician that will all be covered later in the video why don’t you guys tell us how you feel about this fight so far to elon musk has always been considered the same.

    Liberal who does not support any political philosophy, however he eventually changed his position and moved towards the Democratic Party supporting Hillary Clinton when she ran against Donald Trump, expressing his opinion on her policies, which she considered appropriate, saying that Donald Trump lacked key characteristics.

    He made little effort to develop the positive relationships with members of the Republican Party necessary to become President of the United States, although he was not mistaken, although when Elon Musk bought Twitter and made international headlines, his mother May Musk decided to talk about how he might have been appreciated in his country had Elon not been there as his son expresses his opinion on Twitter. She tells the good news that SpaceX has successfully launched its 150th rocket. She then tagged Kamala Harris and you guys Joe Biden’s Twitter accounts, this mom is not slowing down.

    Maye Musk wrote about how the President and Vice President of the United States were completely ignorant of advanced rockets, which only a proud and brave mother of a very smart and brave son could say. She wanted to show that these two adjacent personalities Ignorant of technology. Advanced Rockets and Spacecraft You guys have to take this woman seriously because this is not the first time she has criticized members of the Democratic Party.

    When Elon Musk wasn’t invited to a conference of electric car makers, he slammed Joe Biden for disagreeing with the president’s declaration that General Motors was the company that changed and reformed the car industry, and to be honest For, we all agree with that. Along with May Musk, Kamala Harris also has a bad reputation for performing so poorly after taking office that she easily earned the wrath of the public.

    The whole elon musk family what are we really talking about why don’t you take a look get yourself in trouble with kamala musk by suggesting tax policy that’s the question for elon musk and tesla and you know what will happen if this new tax policy becomes law tesla will be unable to redesign his manufacture what a joke this could be a serious blow for tesla the opportunity is a for rivals dominating the industry significant risk.

    After Kamala Harris was elected Vice President of the United States, Tesla will be in serious danger if other electric car makers enter the market and pose challenges, she could only hear praise that she had broad popular support and Everyone was looking forward to her exceptional leadership and performance as Vice President. Kamala Harris knew how to hit it when Republicans said that Vice President Kamala had ignored and dismissed their flaws and failures.

    She assured everyone that those challenging her were racist and sexist, even constructive criticism was not being received positively by her, she exhibits and expects this behavior in all spheres. It is said that no one will criticize the critic. People began rallying in favor of the Republicans and expressed their opposition.

    Kamala Harris believed that her management structure was in chaos and had no plan to provide effective immigration solutions, that nothing Kamala has done since taking office has actually benefited anyone and that when If we look at the facts and figures, we see that it is not just Kasturi or her family who is opposing Kamala or her post.

    In fact many people around the world have begun to criticize his policies, and some have even questioned his position, given that a vast influx of individuals is entering the United States, many People are coming from the south. And there are no rules to handle or help these people, because no one bothered to make them in the first place, plus there are now about 12 million people living in the United States and the number is growing, this simple argument It won’t take years to find a solution to a critical situation.

    Smart preparation may result in some adjustments and Kamala Harris was adamant in addressing the immigration issue with the confidence that her new strategy will be implemented to fully address this ongoing issue, she basically told people to Financial initiatives were recommended for living in the country. Hoping that providing financial aid would not make them immigrate to the United States, can you imagine of course people were outraged because financial help would not fix the situation and many would take advantage of such programs.

    It is clear that Harris has not thought through his policy and has not listed the shortcomings. Many people have started thinking that he is not fit to be the Vice President and should step down as he lacks leadership ability. Is tasked with finding a better solution to immigrant difficulties, but he fails to remember how we mentioned at the beginning of this video that Elon believes Kamala is someone who can do what he does well. wants from There is some evidence in support of Kamala. Harris has earned recognition due to her involvement with Willie Brown.

    Willie Brown was the first black mayor of San Francisco and both had a long affair. And he and Kamala Harris began their affair which was the hottest topic of conversation in the 1990s. But the pair couldn’t care less, despite being married to his wife for 25 years. Kamala was forced to become Willie Brown’s girlfriend, not knowing that Brown had been seen with other women at various events.

    Many accused him of being greedy for power and he understood how to use Willie Brown’s authority and position, of course he nominated him to the Insurance Appeals Board which focused on unemployment and he was the California Medical Aid Were. Willie Brown The State. All this matters to you for the Speaker of the Assembly for 15 years.


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