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Elon Musk: Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Twitter Update!

    Elon Musk

    Days after Tesla billionaire Elon Musk took down the US microblogging site, Twitter has made a crazy change, private netizens are super excited after being given the tech icon on his promise, what a big change Elon has made to Twitter that has shocked everyone.

    When Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk began criticizing Twitter on March 25, it was clear that the social media platform needed some changes. It is interesting that Elon’s criticism focused on areas that needed improvement.

    But many were left wondering who was going to implement those changes, as the Twitter board was dormant but hopes of reform gained momentum on April 4 when the world’s richest man bought a 9.2 percent stake. Twitter Elon Musk was invited to the Twitter board for $2.9 billion, which is obligated to create.

    Changes on the Platform: Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal revealed that Elon Musk will be joining the board via a tweet, which read: It became clear to us that we are appointing Elon Musk to the board.

    That invitation will bring great value to our board. After receiving the invitation, the Tesla CEO gladly accepted it and promised to make some meaningful changes to the social media site, Musk said in a tweet about his commitment to improving Twitter and Expressed desire, in which it was written that I am looking forward to working together.

    Parag and Twitterboard to make significant improvements to Twitter in the coming months: Hopes of making changes to Twitter were dashed on the morning of April 9, when Elon’s membership on the board was going to take effect, CEO Parag Agarwal informed the world that After Elon decided not to join the Twitter board, there were more questions than answers that stemmed from how the move was denied to the Tesla billionaire.

    A few days after Song accepted to join the Twitter board, most could see that all was not well between the Tesla founder and the Twitter board, as they were not able to pinpoint the exact issue between the two, Some others downplayed the move, saying that the Tesla CEO had decided not to join the board because he was already busy with SpaceX and Tesla’s own other companies.

    Those working on sophisticated technology, most Twitter users wanted Elon to be on the Twitter board where key decisions are made. Elon had a better plan to effect change on the social media site, the tech icon stunned the world when he In mid-April offered to take Twitter private for $43 billion.

    It was a move that caught Twitter as well. The board met with the Twitter board just a day after the tech talent was offered and came up with a plan that was going to stall Musk’s plan to take Twitter private. Adopted the poison pill pl against the tech billionaire, which was to thwart Elon’s plan to buy a 100 stake in Twitter.

    The board was empowered to create more shares, if the Tech Icon stake exceeds 14.9 percent, the strategy provided that all other shareholders are allowed to buy new shares at a discount except for the person who, in this case, the social media platform. private, in this case Elon Musk, with the new shares eventually reducing his ownership in the company.

    Elon made the surprising move of taking the company private in a week. Later, when he said he had arranged $46.5 billion for funding, $3.5 billion more than the initial amount, talks began after a long weekend of deliberation as soon as the Tesla founder made a new offer. Hui Elon Musk and Twitter reached an agreement.

    The tech icon saw the company with the Tesla billionaire for $44 billion privately as the new and official owner of Twitter, it was his turn to make the much-wanted change on the microblogging site. Making changes was only possible if the social media site was private and Deck Genius didn’t trust that board.

    Headed by Brett Taylor, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was overjoyed with Elon’s move to take Twitter private, in fact describing Musk as a savior who helped put the social media platform at the hands of Wall Street. But what’s more surprising is that Jack made it clear.

    Elon is the person who has the solution to the social media site’s problem, he claimed in a tweet that in theory reads that I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter, it’s protocol level But wants to be a public good. For the problem of being a company solver however Elon is the only solution.

    I believe in his mission of raising the light of consciousness from the beginning. Elon Musk had given all indications that he was going to improve content moderation in social. In his quest to diagnose the biggest problem in the media platform Twitter, he conducted a survey in a tweet saying that free speech is essential to a functioning democracy.

    Do you believe that Twitter strictly adheres to this principle More than 2 million people took part in the vote 70 participants voted that Twitter did not follow free speech as a free speech enthusiast Elon Musk suggested a solution to the problem One man Tesla owner still came because of people started thinking about it.

    CK to the public and asked them what they should do next, he asked his question in a tweet which read that Twitter serves as a de facto public town square that fails to adhere to free speech principles, fundamentally What should be done was on Elon Musk that weakens democracy.

    After sampling his thoughts from the Twitter fanbase, it was clear that he needed to do something big with regards to free speech from the outset, with most people hailing Elon’s move to launch free speech on the social media site. misinterpreted, they felt that with free speech they could just say whatever they wanted and became immaculate so it became absolutely necessary for the billionaire’s tests to clearly define it.

    What is included in free speech, he did so in a tweet that read from free speech, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law if people want less expression. So they will ask the government to pass legislation to that effect so going beyond the law is against the will of the people.

    The tech icon was committed to publicizing the Twitter algorithm in the US as a way to promote free speech, the insane move to introduce free speech and Twitter was praised and equally criticized by liberals who were allegedly But Twitter’s supporters of the algorithm were not happy because the algorithm focused too much on left-wing content.

    Democrats are liberals who hold views of left-wing politics who are conservative on the other end for equality democracy and human rights. Was overjoyed because he believed tech genius was going to turn platform neutral. Conservatives are basically Republicans in America who believe in nationalism, national law authority and tradition as soon as Musk took Twitter private.

    Republicans began demanding the reinstatement of Elon Musk Donald J Trump on social media platforms, although the 45th President of the US has rejected Elon’s offer to join Twitter and said instead that it is now focusing on its new social media platform, known as Truth Social What is Surprise.

    Trump’s social media site has gained immense popularity, when Musk took on Twitter at a time when the truth was the most downloaded app on social media. The CEO of App Store Tesla is not a fan of politics and has said that he will remain politically neutral.

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