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Elon Musk dances at the opening of the Berlin Tesla Gigafactory, Watch

    Elon Musk dances at the opening of the Berlin Tesla Gigafactory, Watch, Elon Musk again performed his signature dance at the Tesla Giga Berlin factory opening opened Olaf Schultz. Berlin and Tesla have already delivered and sold 30 built in Germany Model Ys at Giga Berlin.

    So let’s look at Elon Musk’s signature dance before speech and continue so I’m incredibly excited to be handing out the first production cars. Our incredible team at GIGA Berlin Brandenburg It’s a great day for the factory and uh you know it’s, I just want to thank everyone who helped thank you.

    It really made a huge difference and for the community and I mean Tesla will make sure it’s a gem uh you know a gem for the region for Germany for Europe and for the world whatever vehicle we Make that will be another step towards a stable capable energy future and we will also do battery storage so it is going to be very important for renewable energy storage.

    So for solar and wind because it needs to be stored intermittently but we are very confident that the world can transition to a sustainable energy future with a combination of solar wind plus battery storage and electric vehicles if you have the guts. K has three legs so you can create a sustainable energy future as long as the sun shines and the wind blows.

    So I want to be clear that because sometimes you are sad about the future or they think well whether we will solve sustainable energy um and maybe the climate problem is too late or so I really want to assure everyone that you can have hope in the future you should hope that this problem will be solved in future.


    This factory is a big step in that direction so believe in the future so interesting Right Tuesday afternoon German time Interesting things are happening in Giga berlin dudes Tesla CEO Elon Musk inaugurated the maker’s first European factory Giga Berlin and there the company’s The chief made the first model with the handover of the first car with the cars with his dance. Already became like a trademark.

    His trademark Elon Musk flew to Germany to hand over to customers on Monday 22 March, all celebrating the launch of the Gigaberlin project, the first electric vehicle built in Brandenburg and Giga Berlin, Germany that could create up to 12,000 jobs in Germany. The opening of such a large electric car factory in the U.S. is a powerful sign for all of East Germany’s Federal Chancellor Olaf Schultz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, as well as many local politicians.

    Also many local politicians have supported the Giga Berlin Agreement, a special day for the region. Germany and Germany’s Electric Mobility Turnaround during a special day event SLA chose Germany because it is the heart of Europe’s automotive industry and the country will be the main market for electric vehicles, also their goal, Habek said he was pleased that the oil phasing out is now gaining new momentum.

    While Politicians Praised Tesla’s Actions Like Oil And Bold Corporate Culture Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Vodke also welcomed the massive project which he sees as a positive.Impact for all of East Germany Brandenburg’s economy minister York Steinbach was proud that Brandenburg was able to bypass other regions of the country and attracted Tesla.

    The Federal Association of German Industry also praised the project’s rapid implementation Tesla Space. should serve as a model for the investment project in Germany said Siegfried Ruswam BDI President Elon Musk in his first speech himself was very pleased with the event.

    This marked it with his signature dance and so now Tesla built the production hall in record time in the Gigaberlin habit and that too without public funding, although there was a lot of political support for the Giga Berlin project. The US electric car maker completely abandoned subsidies according to The Hobbit As you know I reported on that specifically when Elon Musk and Tesla dropped subsidies of 1 billion or more for electric vehicle batteries.

    Giga Berlin’s momentum can be explained by the fact that Tesla started building on its own entrepreneurial risk prior to approval, remember the initial approval which to a certain extent is also indicative that if you are determined How do you deal with things Havoc wants to check if this country or it can also be used for other projects.

    That means if other projects can be approved and built in Giga in Germany at Tesla speed I don’t know if it’s a good idea because it’s good to take the time to be patient We are patient with Tesla Giga Berlin And it’s good to see that it’s selling cars today. Also Hobbik rates the American company’s choice as a sign of mobility in Germany.

    Tesla chose Germany and built the first large battery factory because they believe and expect that traffic in Germany will be electrified, Germany’s economy minister Tesla also wants to contribute to this uh, which means that the CEO Elon Musk emphasized that Americans could participate in everything from Tesla production to solar and wind power and storage to electromobility in the future according to sustainable energy and sustainable energy products.

    The gloom of the future You can hope for the future Believe in the future Problems can be solved Elon Musk said in his Gigaberlin opening speech The start of production is a huge day for him and a sweet and high Elon for Tesla Musk said he ended his speech in front of people thanking Germany’s Brandenburg and Junheide.

    Tesla built the plant in just two years with a future workforce of 12 000 people and had a target of 500,000 electric cars per year from Giga Berlin. Elon Musk initially relied on initial approval from the state of Brandenburg. Came in two weeks ago when the factory took a long time to complete and was test driven as I mentioned earlier today.

    The roll out of the first cars off the assembly line had now begun Tesla boss Elon Musk, who had already landed in Berlin on Monday, had previously handed over the first 30 vehicles made in Germany after a short tour of the factory. rbb info The second Model Y that rolled off the assembly line was received by a woman from Kobenik when the third vehicle was handed over. The new owners wanted techno music to be played to the delight of Tesla boss Elon Musk.

    Because the announcement that Elon Musk started dancing to the beat with a flying drone like I said so what do you think guys are you excited about the Tesla Gigaberlin Are you excited that Tesla Um Giga Besides Shanghai Fremont Factory In addition to starting selling cars and now soon to open gigafactory texas I heard that gigafactory texas will open on April 7th and start production and sales.

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