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Elon Musk Completely DESTROYS Bill Gates

    well what was it yeah i didn’t know what to talk about why did he say that then why someone probably told him that and you know he just repeated it he just ain’t close to the physics of it and so i don’t’ Don’t think that he still intends to be here.

    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but say why, so you think of a guy who’s so involved in technology that you’ll think you’ll only talk about things you know understand.

    so do you have any advice because he buys twitter and what he should do you know he could actually make it worse uh it’s not his track record i mean his track record with tesla and spacex Putting together a great team of engineers is very mind blowing.

    You know taking people working in those areas in a less bold manner and actually showing them I doubt it will happen this time but we should keep an open mind and never underestimate what hi what is the target where He talks about openness.

    um how does he feel about something that says vaccines kill people or you know bill gates tracking people right so when they decide that’s what your policy when these The workers are worried and do you think they have one.

    I wouldn’t just go back to that put yourself into their issues do you think they have a good reason to be concerned and do you feel a duty to pay them and make sure they are ok Despite the fact that you don’t agree with this.

    how do they feel about covid vs how do you feel about it just move on that’s all you want to do i don’t want to get into an argument about a new situation ok ok ok i want to finish Am talking about it in the podcast.

    now we can fix it what you say no we no i don’t want to end it i just want to understand where you got but i feel like i understand where you are so one of the things a D I should say that we also spent a lot of time doing antibody studies with the Hobbit Epidemiology team.

    Tesla Makes a Vaccine Machine for Curevac Gates Don’t Know Anything About Me What I Was Doing It’s Like Hey Knucklehead We Actually Make Vaccine Machines Treat The Company You Invested In What About Elon Musk I worry.

    well Elon you wouldn’t want to underestimate Elon what he did at Tesla is amazing help with climate change what he did at SpaceX uh you know will he improve this time you know there should be laws Which uhh strikes the finer balance of free speech.

    Versus you know conspiracy theories confuse people um you know elon thinks he could well reform twitter i don’t know what it would do specifically but uh u know this one There is opportunity and we need innovation in that space. I don’t know that it’s weird.

    I’ve also heard that at one point he had a bi short position against Tesla which I don’t know if that’s true. He knows the way you are sure.

    He said yes that’s a big structural situation Tesla that clearly didn’t work very well Um

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