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Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin In Single Combat

    Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin In Single Combat, The world’s most powerful people have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for an immediate end, but billionaire Elon Musk is taking it a step further, calling Vladimir Putin a face-off for the country’s fate.

    Challenging to fight. Racking in thousands of retweets and now some of Russia’s senior military leaders Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk have sent a surprising message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    His tweet reads partly in Russian Quote I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat stake Ukraine likely to speak for many on Twitter, someone replied if you thought it through or what I am missing something in response Musk tweeted I am absolutely serious He also followed up on his initial tweet tagging the Kremlin and writing in Russian Do you agree to this fight?

    Then maybe thinking that Russia has responded, yes the Director General of the Russian Space Agency tweeted back to Google Translate On may not be accurate, but it is partly said that you little freaks are still young, Competition with me is weak. Before Elon Musk sent SpaceX Starlink broadband internet service to Ukraine as requested by the Ukrainian leadership, and some experts say SpaceX is enabling the free flow of images.

    Elon Musk Honestly Challenges Putin to Single Fight on Ukraine When you send me a screenshot of the tweet I didn’t know if it was real or it would have been deleted because I’m this I don’t know I can’t describe the feeling when I read it.

    can you describe the feeling you got when you read this um i was like you i thought it was fake ok so what would that be our feeling uh disbelief but why is that what he says I mean he’s got some crazy tweets Elon loves to troll, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real.

    so you know what i mean he will do it really well i mean yes he i bet he will but he also knows it will never happen yeah when he tweets it so he also understands that this is going to be a hot tweet There is a tweet with a hot tweet.

    Elon Musk replyElon Musk reply putin

    but uh i don’t know what chad does do you think do you think it’s real no it’s real i mean he wrote the tweet it’s on his twitter but just like you said it was the tweet uh got deleted no i said i thought i was like it’s going to be removed is it oh so it’s there i think it’s there do you want to verify it’s there now Is there too I’ll check.

    Let’s verify it’s still there at the moment as we talk about things like that of course we need uh just elon musk go to twitter you don’t need to sign in you can go straight to his twitter handle Go on, anyway the point I was trying to make is that I don’t know how to feel about a tweet because it seems to trivialize the situation I’m conflicted with.

    part of me is what you want and then and all i don’t say what you want Get out who if he knows it can’t happen then he knows it’s a joke and if it’s a joke then who is it in Putin’s pen or whether it trivializes the events to happen.

    maybe it’s just brownie points for him tell it about him i don’t know it’s just a weirdo i’m having a weird reaction to it maybe it’s nothing and maybe it’s a typical troll and and and that this is that i know a lot of people have talked about, uh like why it’s like a lot of people i think jake paul challenged putin i think a lot of other people to fight against you I hate the idea of ​​sending it to you.

    And where you’re sitting in a cozy uh great setting and then you go and surround 20 year olds and and you send them this kind of fight that seems pretty obvious that people aren’t going to like it. If you care so much about this thing why aren’t you on the front line and that’s why Zilinsky people in Ukraine are following him or reposting uh images of him.

    Because he is surrounded by military personnel he seems like he is in the mix given Ukraine is the place which bei. Hai ng attacked uh and historically uh in combat and so when you check generals let’s say um are more willing to take the risk themselves and then there’s the other side of it which is ok if it People are so critical of these operations they can’t possibly put themselves in harm’s way.

    So it’s uh, but I understand that if you are willing to risk other people’s lives you are at your own risk. Or if you’re ready to risk other people’s health, you better be prepared to put yourself at risk and I think that’s where people are directly challenging Putin.

    In the comments on the reddit post, it is said that Putin is trained. in and he is a former kgb.agent and elon don’t know what he is for but i also think putin is too old and i don’t know what his physical size is and uh i think elon is a huge dude so he takes a long loan That’s why he’s 69 Putin so we’re betting.

    who’s good if they really fight You know he’s sending tweets and getting conversations and that’s the way and if I guess there are a lot of people who want disputes to be resolved in some other way than uh young people one -Kill the other.

    Like arm wrestling in any other way play a video game or I mean I know it’s clearly not unrealistic among leaders.

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