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Elon Musk Cancels Twitter Deal To Buy Mercedes

    Recently revealed Elon Musk has canceled the Twitter deal over doubts about the company’s numbers and is eyeing German car giant Mercedes-Benz instead, according to recent news that has Musk worried.

    Twitter Is Reporting Wrong Numbers About How Many Real Users They Actually Compare To Bots And Fake Accounts, But Why Is It Buying Mercedes, Is It Planning To Merge It With Tesla, I Know There are many questions in your mind right now so make sure to watch the article till the end.

    We’ll Answer All Questions About Elon Musk and His New Mercedes Deal Hello Guys Welcome to Velocity, Mercedes-Benz has a long history that helped design and purchase suppliers for Tesla models in 2009 Mercedes Assisted Tesla Made a premium vehicle.

    Tesla gave Mercedes its battery and electric motor technology in exchange for Mercedes expertise and supply chain professionals when selecting and negotiating with suppliers. was able and Tesla received.

    Best quality materials at a cost that could only be negotiated by incorporation with long-standing supplier relationships, Mercedes-Benz made a sweeping decision 10 years ago by investing $50 million in Tesla, which at the time was in a struggling EV. 9 was acquiring stake.

    This significant investment resulted in Daimler Mercedes-Benz being appointed to Tesla’s board of directors, although Mercedes-Benz was quick to sell a portion of this huge investment to the German carmaker for only four percent of Tesla shares by 2014. gave out. Benz surprisingly made a poor investment move in 2014.

    If Daimler had sold its 4G ownership for $718 million on its Tesla stock today it would be worth more than $100 billion, surpassing the value of Mercedes-Benz, right now the electric vehicle craze has hit the industry and When businesses like Ford are emerging.

    That doesn’t dampen Elon Musk’s enthusiasm for buying Mercedes. Daimler has been working on electric vehicles for some time and Musk believes they are in the greatest position to pioneer sustainable transportation and lithium. Ion cell development for electric vehicles He founded a subsidiary called Deutsche Accumotive GmbH a decade ago.

    Whose goal was to develop market-leading batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, but Tesla revamped them and even built a factory in its backyard, Germany, so how would Tesla be able to make such a huge investment when you consider the company’s market cap? Let’s see this turns out to be a lot. Obviously astonishing Tesla can buy a Mercedes-Benz for 10 times more than a market cap.

    To get the figure a company is worth, you take a company’s present value and multiply that by the total number of shares the company holds. Tesla is the market leader and currently the largest in the world with a market cap of $750 billion. The valuable car continues to hold the top spot for the brand, well below its original all-time high of $1 trillion.

    The leading automobile manufacturer was the first car company to reach the assessment. Of a trillion dollars and shares the trillion dollar title with a short list of other global giants such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco and Google, Tesla’s market valuations when you compare total cars sold by notable market cap. Many people have been astonished by the controversy.

    Japanese car giant Toyota produced 19 times as many vehicles in the same time period, yet its market valuation was only $250 billion less than a quarter of Tesla’s Mercedes-Benz Lexus Audi in the United States in the third quarter of 2022. And Tesla is the only electric car maker in the United States, beating traditional automakers like BMW.

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