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Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion

    Elon Musk

    We are following the breaking news, the deal is done. Twitter has been sold to Elon Musk. The CEO bought the social media company for about $44 billion. Musk offered to buy Twitter earlier this month for no more than $54 per share.

    His bid to his bid, being the best and final offer, our earlier negotiations, was it simply a matter of offer, when it was too good to refuse after funding became clear to the board? According to some technology analysts, the company was short of cash and suitors to take it private or with a larger stake.

    According to initial analyst reports, we also reached out to Musk and Twitter with regards to how there was no competition in the market, but while backing the deal, it looks like it should also easily pass regulators and later.

    What does this mean for Twitter for employees? Are they paying any attention to how this might change, you know? How will his working day be tomorrow? The best way I can tell what’s happening right now is probably within a number of layers, Twitter has reduced to emoji.

    We’ve reached out to our specific sources as well as Twitter spokespersons. We haven’t heard anything from them, it’s quite atypical. They usually respond very quickly. They have a description ready. This opacity is similar to what we described earlier in the day.

    If you read the tea leaves, you would think something serious was going on. How employees will react apart from stocks going up, who knows right now? I’m being told in my ear that Twitter is going to shake hands with everyone later this afternoon. Maybe those employees will go into more detail about what this means for them.

    Elon Musk has been a vocal supporter of what we’re talking about, free speech in the hashtag, right? So are there concerns now that maybe with him over the top and he’s pushing his own version of what it means to be a free speech platform that more information may come back to Twitter?

    So we don’t really know how things might pan out right now. But this free speech thing that Musk is trying out is a red herring. This is good feed. It’s something he knows everyone is going to argue about because it’s, you know, it’s relative.

    It means different things to different groups of people. What Musk cares about here is the original effect. We’ve seen celebrity presidents. Now we see celebrity CEOs. Maybe what Kasturi cares about, power and celebrity more than influenced by this role now.

    There are few journalists on Twitter right now, I am just reading some who are not happy with this change. Some are saying they are not sure how long they will last. An interesting point to be made here about being a billionaire owner and single handedly controlling such a huge social media platform.

    We have no idea of ​​the direction he hopes to take, the direction we expect it to take. He knows the direction he can take. He has indicated that he will not only change the functionality of Twitter, but that he will leave Twitter behind when it makes competitive changes.

    So we can see him say he doesn’t like ads or ads, that’s a huge percentage of Twitter’s revenue. He or she can learn more about features like the different types of subscription tiers.

    Maybe it’s not the change he wants to make, maybe it’s the user interface change. It may be more functional than philosophical.

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