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Elon Musk Buys Plane Tracking Company That Sold His Data And Fires Everyone

    Just in: Elon Buys Plane Tracking Company That Sold His Data And Fires Everyone

    The real-time location of Elon Musk’s jet was revealed by a teenager who is a fan and had no ill will towards the entrepreneur.

    He used information readily available to the public and shared it on Twitter. But Musk didn’t have it because the company that sold him the data did so for financial gain.

    America’s private aircraft trackers use anonymous information to generate educated predictions about the whereabouts of flights.

    After making these educated guesses, the organization works in coordination with individuals physically present at airports to verify the information.

    Everything is very hi-tech. People like Sweeney buy data worth thousands of dollars when it is sold on the dark web.

    Elon Musk had a straightforward solution to the issue. Like a terrifying Midler-Tomlin movie, he took over the firm, sacked everyone, and ran it over.

    Former owner Joe Barron was contacted for his opinion. He warned against messing with Elon Musk, saying the tech billionaire paid $47 million to shut us down for no reason.

    Kishore Sweeney, who started the ruckus, claims he did not buy the data and is hurt by the indictment.

    I built a network of bots to analyze anonymous FAA flight route data and live transponder data to predict the location of aircraft, and your best response is, “He bought information?” You clowns need a more sophisticated crowd.

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