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Elon Musk appeared in a relationship with Natasha after splitting from fellow Canadian singer Grimes

    Tesla billionaire and CEO Elon Musk has moved on after splitting from fellow Canadian singer Grimes, who is Elon’s new girlfriend, and what she does, leaves most people wondering if their relationship is any more serious.

    What to do with Elon’s new girlfriend and his romance with the tech billionaire. If there’s anything that has attracted the biggest criticism in Elon Musk’s life, it’s his social life. The time has been divorced.

    In fact he has divorced a woman twice that is to say that he divorced her for the first round and remarried her for the second time before divorcing the same woman that the woman is his former second wife and Elon Musk was married to writer Justin Wilson since 2000 before English actress Tulula Riley married Tanlulah.

    By 2008 they were blessed with six children together, their firstborn Nevada Alexander Musk died in infancy in 2002, then they welcomed a set of twins and a set of triplets a wonderful family you would say but in the end. It ended in divorce the way Justin Wilson describes herself as a starter wife.

    Aside from his two wives, Elon Musk has had some romantic relationship with two others. Between 2016 and 2017 he dated American actress Amber Hurt, who has been in the media lately for all the wrong reasons, Elon and Amber’s relationship all They have been involved in various controversies and allegations, but in the end they reached a mutual agreement to end their short term.

    The Tesla founder began dating Canadian singer Grimes after breaking up with Amber, their relationship being a huge success, they have a son and a daughter, whose names may please you, who A boy born in 2020 goes by the name X.

    Aish A12 While the girl goes by the name Axa Dark Sidriel, they are short names and have more mathematical formulas anyway. Her father is an engineer. As previously mentioned technical Arab. Ayer parted ways with annoyance over issues related to work. agreed to, it makes a lot of sense considering that tech CEOs tend to spend most of their time in Texas, while the SpaceX and Tesla companies are located.

    The singer spends most of her time in isolation. In September of last year, but help each other co-parent their two kids, it’s no surprise that Elon began another relationship after splitting with Grimes, with Musk personally in the past. He has admitted that he cannot enjoy life without being in the relationship in his own words.

    If I’m not in love I can’t be happy if I’m not with a partner for a long time. Sleeping alone kills me. It’s not hard to predict what types of women Elon goes to. Those are the women who have achieved one. have done the level of success in their own rights but who are equally smitten by the beauties.

    His taste is more in actresses and famous singers, the kind of women who are accustomed to Oscar awards and this time Elon has also hit the red carpet. He was expected to start a relationship with 27-year-old Australian actress Natasha Bassett, HollywoodLife reported. Their relationship was confirmed when it released pictures of the two lovebirds that they were seen together for the first time in February this year.

    While she disguised herself in Elon’s private jet wearing a long black trench coat and a pair of dark sunglasses, reliable sources revealed that the two have been together for quite some time now and they are already one light after another. Are in monogamous relationship. Most of Elon’s fans are curious and really want to know in detail about the tech billionaire’s new girlfriend.

    Natasha’s life mainly revolves around acting, was born in Sydney Australia and attended her first audition at the age of 14, where she landed. Leading role in Australian Theater for Young People’s production of Romeo and Juliet, while in school she appeared in Australian T V shows including Rake 2010 Police Million 2010 and Wild Boy 2011.

    The film also stars Austin Butler and Tom Hanks Bassett not only acting but he has the complete package which makes him a good fit in the film and media industry.

    He is equally a screenwriter and director. Wow at just 19 years old he won a screenwriting scholarship from the Art Beginning Screenwriters Program, using the skills he learned in writing and directing his own short film.

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