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Elon Musk ANNOUNCED Insane New Plans For Tesla’s NEW Gigapress Today!

    Elon Musk ANNOUNCED Insane New Plans For Tesla's NEW Gigapress Today!

    It is truly remarkable the level of investment Tesla is making in their Giga Press and their unwavering commitment to continuing this investment begs the question of whether using these massive machines provides a significant advantage over their competition and if so. So to what extent does it give an edge, given Tesla’s track record of accomplishing monumental feats?

    It is not surprising that they use such large machinery in their factories, which are of enormous proportions that even most residential apartment presses can and do, in particular one type of die casting machine.

    Considered one of the most powerful ever built through a whopping clamping force capacity of 61 kilonewtons, a truly staggering 400 tonnes and more than 20 flatbed trucks are required when it comes to size if only one Their dimensions are equally impressive if these giants are meant to carry the unit.

    To be precise these colossal machines are 20 meters long, seven and a half meters wide and 6 meters high, it is hard to imagine the sheer magnitude of these machines unless you see them in person Tesla famous Italian source from his Giga Press The manufacturing conglomerate known as IDRA has enjoyed Tesla’s patronage on a few occasions.

    Boomers suggests that many orders have yet to be fulfilled, attesting to the company’s reliance on these powerful machines, the interesting nomenclature Giga Press is commonly associated with. Tesla’s Gigafactory machine was supplied by its Italian manufacturer Edra. Tesla made significant investments in these giant machines and continues to do so today.

    But the question is whether these colossal machines provide a competitive advantage and, if so, to what extent given Tesla’s propensity for enterprise. The enormous efforts to find these huge Giga presses in their factories are not surprising, the dimensions of these machines are more inspiring than the average apartment.

    They are a type of die casting machine which is one of the most powerful machines ever built capable of withstanding forces of up to 61 kilonewtons, they weigh over 400 tons to carry a single machine for over 20 Requiring the use of flatbed trucks, these machines measure 20 meters long by 7.5 meters long.

    So and so the six meter high Idra Italian Manufacturing Group is the company responsible for producing these behemoths, and they have enjoyed Tesla, on many occasions, the conservation has not yet been completed, the primary use of the Giga Press is Tesla Ltd., which manufactures these machines.

    Tesla can build a car chassis in one piece, reducing the total number of parts from 100 to just three. The traditional automotive industry has relied on gluing and welding various components together to form a car chassis for as long as anyone can remember, although if Tesla followed suit the Giga Press would be as powerful as any other die casting machine plunger.

    Mechanisms are used to pour hot molten metal into reusable molds, resulting in jaw-dropping manufacturing process skill. The sticky press acts on it, and to understand its magnitude, let’s consider a plastic toy.

    Toys are usually made from one piece before the tires are attached but Gigapress takes it up a notch similarly making a complete car chassis I would beat using metal instead of plastic the final product consists of no more than three pieces Those that join the front and back.

    The production process for a vehicle chassis by a geek press with a battery pack structure involves several steps with the first step being spraying soybean oil into a mold, it is important to remove the finished chassis to ensure that the mold can be reused.

    The Giga Press with Tesla uses a furnace to melt the metal externally, using a combination of aluminum and silicon to form an alloy for the chassis, the alloy melts at around 850 °C and once When it liquefies, the plunger mechanism is activated.

    Pour the right amount of molten metal into the mold, after the mold is cooled to 400°C, it is open and the chassis is taken by the robot into a pool of water to further facilitate the cooling process, finally the chassis Checked for defects and any roughness.

    The cutting or sawing of all necessary holes in the finished chassis is done by the robot. It’s no secret that setting up a Giga Press requires a significant investment of both money and space which begs the question of whether Tesla has their answers. why did you decide Simply Gigi Press is revolutionizing the auto industry.

    Their most important advantage is speed. Despite their considerable size they work incredibly quickly according to extrusion specifications, going from aluminum silicon alloy molten metal to a fully formed chassis in just 100 seconds.

    It’s a surprisingly fast base, especially compared to the many labor-intensive steps involved in building and fastening together over 100 parts. This means that Tesla can produce more cars than its competitors. A quick calculation based on cycle times of 5 to 5 minutes estimates that a factory running continuously with a 10 Giga press could produce 350 000 model light chassis a year.

    Because the Model Y chassis needed to receive the press, although this number increased when the Giga presses operated close to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Fremont factory saw the Giga press complete the job in less than 200 seconds. While they are still being optimized.

    A new factory can quickly produce 100 000 units in its first year. Tesla aims to produce 750,000 vehicles this year and 50 percent more next year. Tesla has an impressive arsenal of weapons for producing over one million cars.

    Besides being a game changer in the Giga Press auto industry with one of these weapons, Fremont Austin works tirelessly in Shanghai and Berlin to make the impossible a reality. Significantly, despite the substantial initial investment, the Giga Press eliminates many operating costs.

    For example a GigaPress can replace around 300 robots as according to Elon Musk very little coupling or lifting work is required, in fact the Goog Press cuts space requirements by around 30 percent which is quite a statement.

    For someone who faced backlash for creating a robot-powered production process for models. Kasturi said that the manufacturing cost is very less I mean we see almost 30 reduction in the size of the body shop.

    It may sound counterintuitive but fewer robots and a smaller manufacturing site can lead to a lower maintenance budget, while the fact that people may lose their jobs because of using an eco press makes a lot of sense from an economic point of view, but is complex. Consider the logistics involved in manufacturing over 100 parts at various locations for quality control.

    And bring all of them to the assembly plan. Although Tesla has been able to overcome all of these logistical issues through the use of the GigaPress’s force, in reality when the GigaPress is used the cost of manufacturing on a chassis can be reduced by approximately 40 percent. can be reduced, this leads to a significant reduction in cost.

    Elon Musk is close to realizing his goal of making an affordable electric car, in fact Tesla is already setting up research into production facilities in China, which of course intends to develop a more affordable vehicle, it Goes without saying that the Egyptian press would be one of the first pieces of equipment.

    A major advantage of the GigaPress for installing these new features is that the cars benefit from a single piece chassis when parts are welded or bolted together, weak joints and mis-positioning can often be the result of manufacturing defects In contrast, GigaPress ensures a better and structurally stronger product. Also, Tesla’s GigaPress-manufactured cars are lighter.

    which means they can travel further on a single battery charge. Thanks to the use of the GigaPress, Tesla has found it a faster and more cost-effective way to build better cars while leaving behind its competitors. continues to place more Giga Press orders with EDRA and plans to use the Giga Press in upcoming products such as the Cyber Truck and Semi Truck.

    While more power will be needed to mold the Cyber Truck’s steel structure, with Elon Musk already revealing that an 8,000-ton casting press would be needed to cast the pickup truck’s rear body, we can actually see the Cyber as a Can see using large casting. Machine for the rear body of the truck.

    Therefore we will be using an 8,000 ton casting press, it is worth noting that according to Ricardo Ferrario, general manager of Edra, Edra has made an interesting announcement regarding their recent purchases, we expect to acquire the first order for 8 000 have been Ton Die Casting Machine. However the identity of the customer who ordered Gigi Price from each remains a mystery.

    While a statement released by the company gave few hints as to their identity, it was revealed that the machine will be used by a major global manufacturer other than Tesla to produce new energy vehicles, according to industry experts Sandy Mundra. it has been reported. According to sources, Tesla plans to install 11 Giga Press machines in four of its plants.

    This represents a huge increase in their manufacturing capabilities and the new state-of-the-art plant which is set to begin operations later this year will have at least one gigapress on site, with the Fremont and Shanghai plants already having one gigapress . True, Tesla is not the first automaker to use casting in its production processes.

    The company’s use of GigaPress at this scale is unprecedented, with other carmakers like Cadillac BMW and Audi having done it before. Casting work in his models. No one has yet attempted to do this on a mega casting level, Tesla is currently working on the question of how the rest of the industry will respond and whether they will try to catch up to Tesla’s innovation.

    While the auto industry will take some time before other manufacturers can match Tesla’s position, even JP Morgan predicts that only new startups can keep up with Tesla in this regard as they typically are more nimble.

    It’s worth noting that the only other company using GigaPress is based in South Korea. However, the firm does not produce cars, instead using the machine to manufacture parts for its 5G telecommunications equipment.

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