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Elon Musk and The Pentagon JUST REVEALED Huge Partnership

    Elon Musk

    SpaceX is at the top when it comes to space travel and has been a global leader in space innovation and development for years, now that Elon has proven itself that its rocket business is ahead of its competitors in every aspect of the industry, though it’s SpaceX Makes it a target.

    SpaceX was dismissed by the Pentagon brass during its early years, with more success than ever in the Pentagon business in recent months after Musk’s team launched some of the country’s major national security satellites with aims to track missiles. It has won deals for the construction of a new generation of small spacecraft.

    By 2021 the Pentagon announced that it would launch an experimental program called Rocket Cargo. The Pentagon Budget Office requested billions of dollars for the program for a viable 2022 year. Rocket Cargo is a US transportation command.

    Transcom is an Air Force Resource Laboratory program for US Space Force sub-orbital delivery cargo and a one-year point-to-point space travel program to develop the capability to rapidly send cargo to anywhere in the world on rockets that include reusable rockets. which can perform propellant landings at various landing sites to deliver C-17 worth of cargo within an hour.

    Strangely something similar to Elon had already been planned in 2017 before the launch of the first Starship prototype, Elon Musk revealed his dreams of Earth-to-Earth rocket transport at the International Astronaut Congress 2017, Elon Musk Shown a future demo in which the Starship rocket will be able to take passengers from London to New York in 29 minutes.

    Full fare in AI would be able to do this for the same price as economy, he said, adding that the idea was to launch the rocket with its passengers into a lower orbit somewhere at an altitude where the air and the firmness of the air are almost non-existent, he said. This will allow the aircraft to demonstrate incredible speed and enable it to cover 10 times the distance.

    The official name of the closely held company, Southern California-based Space Exploration Technologies Corporate of rapid commercial airplanes at low altitudes, has also worked with the Air Force and the Army to demonstrate communication length and has recently been conducted to study its feasibility. A Pentagon agreement has been signed for.

    Using SpaceX’s proposed Deep Space Starship Transport, a giant capsule with a built-in rocket engine is envisioned to transport 80 tons between continents in minutes from the start, company engineers to eventually whisk cargo around the world Muscat said his ultimate goal was to colonize Mars to provide humans with a safe haven.

    Escape from Earth if necessary, but in the process SpaceX accumulated an order book of civilian launch contracts estimated to total $5 billion, it also won contracts to supply the military with rocket launches and satellite prototypes.

    Ultimately there are an estimated $6 billion and nearly $9 billion more in past and future National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards. For those carrying cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station, these totals are still dwarfed by major military suppliers, with the Boeing Company last year reporting nearly $26 billion in revenue from its defense and space sectors.

    Lockheed Martin Corporation, the nation’s largest defense contractor, reported about $21 billion. Dollars from their space and missile operations Both companies also serve as prime contractors for major NASA programs, amounting to tens of billions of additional dollars over the years.

    Many of SpaceX’s contracts are dependent on NASA and technology as the basis for future Pentagon decisions and provide limited initial revenue but as Congress and the Pentagon are increasingly pumping money into an array of space programs including classified projects the fastest. are increasing. Industry executives said SpaceX would be positioned for a multi-billion dollar boost over the next decade.

    Total defense appropriation could decline if Democrats take the White House. New spending priorities move forward but the emphasis on increased space capabilities will remain in a new administration because it is part of long-term military funding plans and strategies already supported by Congressional SpaceX’s pivot.

    Intended to piggyback on rockets and satellites in the direction of national security programs that the company is already building for US civilian and commercial customers, NASA remains its top customer, but according to analysts and industry executives the company’s developing The strategy is to adapt some of its existing systems to new missions.

    Such as tracking space debris, helping defend against super-fast missiles and providing secure communications links for war fighters around the world, according to a veteran industry consultant SpaceX leaders constantly did their homework and tried to gain the military’s trust. He did whatever he needed to do.

    That persistence has paid Mr. Rush not working for SpaceX or its competitors, a SpaceX spokesperson did not respond to marketing requests for comment to the generals, though very different from negotiating commercial contracts in which SpaceX’s There is often significant profit as it charges a lot.

    Less than rivals adviser Keith Volkert Joe M. Mr. Musk’s team likes to let their corporate customers know that they’re really just along for the ride, we’re not really selling you a rocket, said Azor satellite operators that represent contracts with SpaceX.

    He recalls company representatives who often say we are selling you a bus and not you. In less than two dozen years to kick the tires, SpaceX has grown from a handful of employees working in a converted warehouse near a strip mall to nearly 8,000 employees, and expanding facilities in the nation’s capital from Texas to Florida to Washington state.

    Reputation as one of the most combative and successful lobbying organizations by offering lower prices than traditional industry leaders, became the nation’s top commercial and civilian launch provider, but this approach will not work with demanding military customers Which give priority to reliability and strict inspection.

    Cost-plus Mr. Musk has attracted private investors with plans to deploy thousands of small satellites as part of a Starlink venture commercial broadband project that industry and military officials say will eventually lead to a variety of global military applications, including surveillance. Can serve as a backbone for.

    Bringing humans to Mars requires the development and testing of novel technology costing at least $30 billion by the industry, Musk’s public estimates. SpaceX is looking to the Pentagon revenue to help meet rapidly growing cash needs, officials said.

    The Pentagon has already accepted SpaceX’s Falcon 9 as a main base for launching a series of Air Force navigation and intelligence satellites, including the controversial feature of landing in the rocket’s lower stage. In August SpaceX reused it on subsequent launches, beating out Blue Origin Federation LLC.

    The space company, founded by Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, is a rocket joint venture between United Launch Alliance Boeing and Boeing to lock in some 40 of Pentagon launches over the next few years. Lockheed Martin won the remainder of the mission, but ULA officials have expressed growing concerns about SpaceX intrusions.

    What was a virtual monopoly of partnerships a few years ago launching high-value military payloads is just more of an emerging threat, Lockheed Martin’s chief financial officer said in October, according to industry executives in efforts to strengthen their Pentagon ties. As part of this, SpaceX has hired recently retired four-star Air Force General Terence O’Shaughnessy, the former chief of Northern Command.

    Which is responsible for protecting us against ballistic missile attacks. Clarify whether he is an adviser or an employee SpaceX that has not announced the move, also recruited other ex-military officers. General O’Shaughnessy could not be reached for comment before he stepped down from his command. K declined to comment via the Press Office.

    The August SpaceX offerings reflected the Pentagon’s growing emphasis on swarms of smaller and relatively inexpensive satellites, sometimes derisively called Battlestar Galactica, rather than a few expensive behemoths that are too difficult to maneuver or defend.


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