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Elon Musk And Maye Musk Arrived At The Met Gala, Seeing That Everyone Said, You Look Handsome, Elon Musk

    Elon Musk & Maye Musk

    That’s exactly what we match, we’re matching now, oh no it’s Dior and it’s chaparral you look absolutely gorgeous Elon How are you feeling tonight, Elon Musk replied beautifully , I feel great It’s really exciting to see all this amazing I mean we have the most talented people in style and fashion here.

    And this is the pinnacle of his work throughout the year and it’s just his incredible talent. The beauty here is incredible, so I’m honored to be here, it’s an honor to have you here, then the reporter said, I’m sure That everyone is asking you out and wants to talk about this big Twitter buy, what can you tell us about what you’re going to do.

    According to Elon Musk, “Well now I want to make Twitter as comprehensive as could really be expected, accepting that everything is done, and Twitter will extend broadly to the country and the remainder of the world, and that They think that it is intriguing and entertaining and tomfoolery and it improves their lives.

    The reporter said, Thank you very much for this, I love to see you guys have the best time tonight and I will totally see you, thank you very much::

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