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Donald Trump joked that “a man like Elon Musk should be handled”.

    Donald Trump joked that "a man like Elon should be handled".

    Elon Musk decides to surprise everyone yet again His new partnership with Donald Trump has turned maker Tesla, to put it mildly, into a strange one that US President Joe Biden has announced at an event dedicated to electric vehicles at the White House.

    It seems strange that Tesla was not invited, Musk wrote in response to a Twitter message from one of the users of the social network. Then the entrepreneur was asked what he thought about the fact that he was invited to the White House. He responded by telling Veri Whitley that while Biden was still asleep, and Elon Musk was not shy.

    In his expressions and if he thinks something about someone he will say it despite the fact that you are the president during Trump’s camp pain and after his victory in the presidential election Elon has publicly said that Trump’s character is such Not that there is a positive impact on how America and Trump himself reacted to such statements by Elon Musk.

    You would be surprised if Donald Trump said that a man like Elon should be handled. He also said that Elon Musk belongs to a special group of people who should be protected by the government, despite the president’s statements on Tesla as to why Trump made him a member of his advisory board, as well as the boards of Facebook and Apple. Appointed CEO Tim Cook, among others the council was created to stimulate the US economy.

    Trump has agreed to reduce corporate regulations that he says are beyond his control and cut at least 75 regulations. Musk was criticized for his decision to cooperate with the divisive president but stood by his stand and said he would use the opportunity to advocate for more progressive immigration and environmental policy.

    Elon Musk resigned from his posts in the Presidency and Advisory Council on June 1 following President Trump’s statement that the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The climate is certainly changing in a way that will not benefit the US or the rest of the world except for Paris, Trump had praised Musk in an interview on January 21 this year.

    For achievements and his mind the former president mentioned this in relation to Elon Musk, whose company Tesla has become more valuable than Ford and General Motors, I have to give him his due, he also said during the economic forum in Davos , Trump said that Elon is one of the greatest talents and compared the billionaire to Tamos Edinson, the ground is already being prepared for new presidential elections in 2022.

    Elon Musk is one of the most innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs of our time, which is why the entire internet took notice when he announced a new partnership with potentially future President Trump. Combinations are more than possible.

    Former US President Donald Trump reacted to the completion of the transaction and the purchase of the social network Twitter by Elon Musk with the phrase that the company will eventually be a substantial branch. Many other experts, like me, saw the meaning of this rebuke is not continuing between two famous American representatives, including show business. I believe that after some time the resources of the Democratic Party will actively start talking about the Fraternal Alliance of Trump and Musk.

    Political scientists believe that in the United States now such a coalition will not be devoid of logic, one of the political experts says that there is a consolidation of all forces directed against the Democratic Party, he believes that the representatives of the Democratic Party will take the matter in The most serious in all sense is to the extent of opportunities for integration and emancipation. Vikas is playing the role of a dictator in this way, of course Trump does not like it.

    Many of his supporters and those who follow or work with Musk say they are representatives of US law enforcement agencies. Both Trump and Musk are deeply concerned that the Democrats’ policies could lead to influential civil strife. So a media financial and political nexus between Trump and Musk is very possible political scientists are convinced that they greet each other as seasoned poor people.

    He is far from accidental muses, he also called on the Democratic Party to stop attacking the former president and not contribute to the fact that the only way for Trump to survive was to regain the powers of the head of state , Perhaps such a move Tesla’s billionaire Elon Musk’s head among businessmen said that he became disillusioned with the US Democratic Party and became a supporter of the Trump party. I used to vote for the Democrats because they were the mostly good party.

    But they have become a party of division and hatred so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican, now let’s see how their dirty campaign against me unfolds.

    To invite users to launch a vote on Twitter, to decide that the accountant’s social network 52 was to restore former US President Donald Trump’s account, was in favor of lifting the account lock and immediately by Elon Musk The immediate account has been unlocked, people have restored Trump.

    Elon Musk said that after the results of the pole, he said with his position with Latin that on 10 December was published through The Voice of the God on 10 December. God is a journalist, the third part of the hidden Twitter files is also included.

    Information about the operational process of deformation of President Trump, according to internal correspondence in the company, the decision to block Trump had a clear historical significance. Even Twitter employees realized that it was felt that it was the history of the stage during his presidential post. There was a historical moment in history. Without any question, there are rumors allotted subsidy to Ilona for their companies.

    Trump will eventually return to Twitter on Twitter, offering a large stream of advertising during the election race, supporting Trump unexpectedly. As a result, more subsidy will be expected even after Trump’s arrival of Power Musk and acceleration of America’s infection in green energy.

    This can be said that the relationship between Elon Musk and Trump which is hot with biden, which does not want to identify Tesla’s achievements for any reason for any reason. Out of electric vehicles sold in the United States in the last three years, 74 have been from Tesla Trump.

    As we mention above that such things were not done, but on the contrary, only supporting time will only tell what this incredible partnership will achieve, but one thing is that it is sure that it is sure That it is usually going to be common.

    In collaboration with these two traders, there is no surprise that we can only guess whether these two media can have large figures in space and create a storm with their statements.

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