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“Delete Your Instagram Now!” – Elon Musk

    "Delete Your Instagram Now!" - Elon Musk

    Elon Musk has issued a warning to all Instagram users to delete their accounts, which is a huge insult to the Tesla CEO.

    But we all know it’s not just Elon Musk who blurts things out for this, there can be plenty of solid reasons for such warnings, hence why you should delete your Instagram immediately.

    Join me today in this video where we will explore Elon’s warning to immediately delete your IG from all available social media sites Instagram only allows you to build your brand and image via photos and videos Twitter or Facebook first More effective than ever, you can just become an Instagram user.

    If so then you will agree that IG’s user interface is better and unique than other social media sites, this social media site has been a means of connection to follow this huge popularity, unfortunately you can get it from Elon Musk can not get. Over, expect to be part of the IG bandwagon while the world praises Elon Musk for being an IG.

    Completely different opinion Contrary to popular opinion Elon Musk thinks Instagram isn’t helpful, he actually warns everyone to get rid of their accounts, but why Instagram is a total time-waster of the world’s richest man Is? Accordingly, he has a point to consider. People spend unnecessarily hours on social media just to pass the time and global statistics paint a more vivid picture of it.

    An average person spends at least 2 hours 27 minutes on social media, yet trends vary widely. Country and type of social media What you are going to hear now will be an eye-opener in about two and a half hours, someone on Instagram took 53 minutes on social media and that’s just for the average person. Half an hour is precious and can be used to do better things but not before we think of better things to do with that time.

    Let’s do some quick math and see what two and a half hours a year would mean. My calculations would give a cumulative Q9 of 9 and a half hours by the end of the year which is a lot if that time is used to read a good book or find something useful. Surely just eating time on IG can be better than starting one.

    It should come as no surprise that according to the financial ranks, Elon Musk identified a waste of time as one of the reasons he removed Instagram from his experience in time management, for example was one of the Tesla story. Emerge from an elite EV manufacturing company into a world-class automobile as Musk invests 120 hours of his time on a weekly basis.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your time by deleting your Instagram account. Users Are Sad Yet They Post the Happiest Photos in the World Elon Musk has an answer to the issue most people have to deal with.

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