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Bill Gates said that he thinks Steve Jobs is the most successful person, not Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    Bill Gates said that he thinks Steve Jobs is the most successful person, not Elon Musk, ‘but that will not matter to Elon Musk, because he is the richest man in the world, surpassing everyone else. It’s not anyone’s business to compete with Elon Musk, anything can happen in the present”.

    The list of rivals of Elon Musk is increasing day by day as he is not known to have friendly relations with many tech giants and influencers including Jeff Bezos,” Joe Biden and now Microsoft founder Bill Gates American business magnate and Microsoft developer Bill Gates has opposite views than Elon Musk”.

    From electric vehicles to the global pandemic, why is Elon Musk bashing the gates and where is this rivalry going, let’s find out guys Welcome to our Website Elon Musk Power where we take you through Elon Musk and his multi-billion dollar companies In all 0 tells the latest news.

    Why the most influential billionaires are pitted against each other and why Elon Musk is so mad at Bill Gates If you want to know more then stay with us until the list of rivals of Elon Musk is growing day by day because he Jeff Bezos is not known to have friendly relations with many tech giants and influential people including Joe Biden and now Microsoft founder B.

    Sick Gates American business magnate and Microsoft developer Bill Gates has opposite views than Elon Musk on everything from electric vehicles to the global pandemic, so why is Elon Musk cursing the gates and where is this rivalry going? Let’s find out, Bill Gates 70 more Famous entrepreneur in the 80s when he developed the Windows operating system in 1985.

    Elon Musk

    Bill Gates is one of the 100 people who made the greatest impact on humanity in the 20th century, according to Time magazine. Natary Gates has always been tough and notorious for his unusual antics as his management style at Microsoft was on the verge of insanity Bill also has a big heart.

    They have founded the world’s largest charity, Bill and Melinda Gates, talking about Elon. Elon Musk He is a talented billionaire and CEO of many of the world’s leading companies including SpaceX and Tesla, his net worth has increased significantly since 2020 and has been the fastest growth in the history of mankind.

    Elon Musk is aiming to make life multi-planetary and he is also fighting against climate change on Earth by abandoning fossil energy sources, the billionaire is also known for his erratic tweets as his statements take a matter of seconds has the power to turn the markets upside down, so now let’s talk about the ongoing feud between the two most.

    The influential billionaire It all started with electric vehicles in February 2020 when Bill Gates shared that he had bought an electric car but preferred to buy the Porsche Taykon, a German rival of Tesla’s model people, immediately. Pointed to this and asked Musk for his opinion on this.

    Responding to Twitter users, Musk said that he was not very impressed with the conversation with the former Microsoft chief and indicated that he was not interested. Apart from the billionaire’s intellectual failure, they both really disagreed on his opinion regarding the coronavirus as both are key partners in the development of virus treatments and vaccines.

    Their disagreement has had a major impact on the global pandemic, with Elon Musk doubling down on coronavirus skeptics. And he also called pandemic quarantine a fashion in an interview on CNBC Bill Gates, criticizing Elon Musk over his controversial comments and saying that Elon Musk should not speak about the pandemic at all.

    Elon’s position according to Gates is to maintain a high level of derogatory remarks you know he isn’t much involved in vaccines he makes a great electric car and his rockets work well you know they have a lot These things are allowed to be said.

    I hope you know he doesn’t confuse areas he isn’t heavily involved in, Elon Musk went crazy over his comments and posted several tweets on Twitter in response to Bill’s comments.

    He also made another sarcastic tweet saying that while the rumor that Bill Gates and I are lovers is completely untrue, we have to agree that Elon Musk definitely has a good sense of humour, he said. He has also defended himself against.

    In an interview, and I should say, we also spent a lot of time doing antibody studies with the Harvard epidemiology team. Tesla makes a vaccine machine for the curve. Said Elon Musk said Gates said something about me and didn’t know what I was doing.

    Bill Gates

    We actually make vaccine machines for Karvac in the company you have invested in and it is indeed true that Elon Musk is highly involved in corona relief because the billionaire has redirected Tesla resources to produce ventilators. Vaccine production in other areas assisted Bill Gates in teaming up with biotech firm Curvac to create a device.

    is an investor in Curvack and gave $100 million for coronavirus relief, although they have differing opinions about the severity of the virus as Musk has strongly criticized the quarantine orders. He named hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for malaria. Medicine was also promoted. Bill Gates didn’t like Elon Musk’s comment on LPO deadly virus for Coronavirus.

    So he started criticizing him in various interviews, although this was not the only case that led to a feud between Elon Musk and Gates during a meeting with Gates, a YouTuber in February 2020. said that while Tesla had assisted in the development and reception of electric vehicles, they still lagged far behind gasoline vehicles and were not considering buying a Tesla vehicle.

    Yet Elon Musk, the Porsche tacon by Gates, took to Twitter and threw shade at the Microsoft company. -The founder said that my conversations with Gates have been overwhelming to be honest but it was not because in August Gates wrote a blog post about electric vehicles and questioned whether fully electrics like 18 wheelers Building a vehicle was practical.

    He believed that cheaper and better car batteries would be coming in the future for all drivers, but not for electric trucks, he claimed that although a car battery for electric trucks that make long and heavy rides, the need for electricity There were already a lot of re-attempts from the last years regarding the power that can’t be trusted.

    He also said that passenger cars are one of the most optimistic factors in keeping things a little bit. More eco-friendly After that a Twitter user asked Elon Musk for his opinion on Elon Musk’s remarks, the user tweeted Good day What do you think of Bill Gates’ announcements, Mosque regarding electric trucks The statement could be found offensive in regards to what it is doing to Tesla trucks.

    So last year it was time for revenge as Bill Gates previously told Musk to stay away from things he didn’t know and this time it was Elon Musk’s turn to respond, Elon Musk replied to Twitter user and Said he had nothing else to say that could have pushed the clueless button on Elon Musk’s terminology about Gates.

    It was the fact that the Microsoft billionaire didn’t mention Tesla as one of the best producers of all-electric trucks. In articles in recent years, Gates praised Tesla rivals such as the GM Ford Rivian and Bollinger. He is focused on using his luck to solve and fix the big problems in the world.

    Recently receiving more attention from the world due to its early warnings, not prepared for a pandemic before the COVID-19 crisis, she is now using her platform to issue a similar warning about climate change in a new blog post. In which he stressed on the need to electrify the transport.

    Although he made some controversial comments about sections going to electric gates to address climate change, he believes passenger vehicles are being electrified and they already are to a degree as And the increasing competition in the market means that there are more options available to the customers than ever before, he added.

    From compact sedans to sleek sports cars, you’ll soon be able to buy an all-electric pickup truck too, thanks to legacy companies like GM and Ford. New carmakers like Rivian and Bollinger seem like the Microsoft founder forgot to mention Tesla in his post, or maybe he decided to fit all of Tesla’s next vehicles like the Plaid model’s Model X Semi and Cyber ​​trucks.

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