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Alyssa Milano Deserves Everything She’s Seen in the Most Selfish Appearance for Elon Musk

    Alyssa Milano Deserves Everything She's Seen in the Most Selfish Appearance for Elon Musk

    Alyssa Milano deserves everything to be seen in the most selfish appearance for Elon Musk Former actress and professional Twitter user Alyssa Milano should be considering another line of work.

    Or, if Milano had self-awareness it would not have happened. Which, as any longtime follower of Milano on Twitter knows, she doesn’t.

    It begins with a tweet from Volkswagen. Alyssa Milano claims Elon Musk supports hate and white supremacy in buying Twitter. So he sold Musk’s other company to Tesla.

    Milano then used the money to buy Volkswagen, a company that was actually founded on hatred and white supremacy.

    Isn’t it ironic? Elon thinks…

    Former actress lashes out at Bird App “I’m not owned! I’m not owned!” She cried while banging on her iPhone, of course. Trying to find the right combination of 280 words that would fit perfectly into Elon’s passion for free speech.

    She would win the argument and be celebrated by her peers. Instead, he retweeted what some are calling a meme. This meme.

    She enlarged a photo of herself announcing to the world that her vagina smelled like cat urine. As you can see, this is a picture of Milano. She holds a sign. And those six words are on the sign, written without comic relief.

    CNN has not yet fact-checked this tweet, so I have no reason to believe this is a legitimate photo. And that the actress got a little too personal during her audition for The Handmaid’s Tale.

    We are not even in our part. However, it’s worth pointing out how many Twitter users Milano has:

    If the former actress hadn’t extended her KW6 tweet to her 3,500,000 million followers, counting the 413 people who follow Rick, you’d be talking about her vagina (allegedly) smelling like cat pee.

    Milano’s epic self– from which she will never recover– it is. Accusing someone of copyright infringement, he misspelled “copyright”.

    ”She’s special.”

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