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Alyssa Milano Claims She Scraped Her Tesla Over ‘Hate,’ ‘White Supremacy’ And Elon Musk Is Laughing At His New Car Too

    Alyssa Milano Claims She Scraped Her Tesla Over 'Hate,' 'White Supremacy' And Elon Musk Is Laughing At His New Car Too

    Former actress and professional Twitter user Alyssa Milano never found a quality she didn’t mention. So frustrating for some of us who discovered girls and puberty in the ’80s.

    Milano has really taken a turn for the worst. Even his boisterous actress co-star calls him out. Now she is indicating her goodness to Elon Musk. The former actress is not leaving Twitter. If he did, he would cease to exist. But she’s giving him back the Tesla.

    Elon Musk bought Twitter and said free speech is good. 99% of the time, issue by issue, I’ll bet Elon still agrees with Milano politically. But he doesn’t agree 100%. “Hate” and “white supremacy” are the talk distributed by shady progressive black money groups. Milano recites her lines and says she’s giving up her Tesla and buying a Volkswagen to stand up against hate and white supremacy.

    “On May 26, 1938, Nazi dignitaries gathered near Fallsleben in northern Germany to lay the foundation stone for the Volkswagen Works. The Führer himself, present, had predicted that this Volkswagen, which would initially be called Kraft-Durch-Freud-Wagen or To be called the KdF-Wagen, would be ‘the symbol of the National Socialist People’s Community’.”

    Alyssa Milano claims Elon Musk supports hate and white supremacy in buying Twitter. She sells it to Tesla, another company owned by Musk. Milano used the money to buy Volkswagen, which was actually a company founded on hate and white supremacy.

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