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After all, why was the truth of Apollo 11 hidden?

    After all, why was the truth of Apollo 11 hidden?

    Friends, many countries around the world have launched missions in space and have hoisted the flag of their country, but even today when it comes to space, first of all we remember the name of Neil Armstrong, the first person to step on the moon.

    So we know that the Apollo 11 mission, launched by NASA on July 16, 1969, was a success and achieved a historic victory, but perhaps very few of us would know that the journey to take that historic step on the moon was very difficult. Let us know what happened to this astronaut sent on the Apollo 11 mission, which many people are still unaware of.

    This is going to be very interesting, read it from beginning to end and support us.

    After all, why was the truth of Apollo 11 hidden?
    20 July 1969 52 years ago on this day man took his first steps on the moon and created history and opened the doors of space access possibilities in future, Apollo 11 was launched by NASA in which this space on the moon was 21 hours.

    And he returned to Earth on 24 July 1969. Most of us are aware of this story but the three astronauts who went to the moon were Neil Armstrong, Michael Colling and Edwin Buzz Aldrin, about whom very little is known. what was their problem.

    You will know about all these in detail, please read carefully.

    On July 16, 1969, in the NASA office where everyone was nervous as Apollo 11 was about to leave Earth in no time, many of you would know that Michael Collins was present in Apollo 11 despite not being a pilot. But Neil Armstrong and Admin Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

    Now we are going to talk about you and my favorite Elon Musk’s special company SpaceX. At 8:32, NASA launched Apollo 11 from the Kermayroy Space Center Complex 39 and took the three astronauts on a space journey.

    Apollo 11 reached the surface of the Moon four days later, the Lunner model from which Neil Armstrong and Edwin would leave Apollo 11 to reach the Moon, named Eagle. When all was well, the three astronauts found that for some unknown reason the eagle was running 4 seconds ahead of schedule, which meant it was landing somewhere else.

    The result of which could have been very fatal, now the spaceship and the moon were only a few kilometers away. Neil Armstrong landed peacefully.
    On July 20, 1969 8:17 Eagle landed on the moon Neil Armstrong named this place as tranquility base. Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon and raised the flag of America with great pride.

    Now that they felt that the crisis was over, they would now successfully return to Earth, only then some trouble arose, after hoisting the flag, when they went back, due to the low temperature on the Moon after the landing of the spacecraft’s fuel. on the pipe. the snow started to freeze and there she was turning into ice, then the ice started melting in her fuel pipe.

    Then came another problem, the switch of a part of the spacecraft broke and fell down which caused the light to go off and break and the light of that part disappeared, even after many efforts it was not working there. After this he made it with the help of a pen.

    Now it was time to return to the earth, Columbia pride, with the help of which they had to come to earth, landed on the earth on 24 July 1969 and made the mission successful, all three astronauts have a hand in completing this mission, but 40000 people are also involved in it. Those who gave their support and this mission was completed by the unity of all.

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