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According to Elon Musk, the Haos agent continued to create confusion on Tuesday about his acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion

    Elon Musk has officially confirmed that he is not buying Twitter because of all the criticism he has been facing and finally after making a deal, Elon Musk decided not to buy Twitter.

    According to Elon Musk or the media, the Haos agent continued to create confusion on Tuesday about his acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion, even as the social media company tried to preserve the terms of the deal. In the early hours of May 13, the billionaire tweeted that the amount of spam and fake accounts on the platform after the deal was small.

    In hours Twitter said it was committed to completing the transaction at the agreed price as expeditiously as possible, it urged its shareholders to support the proposal from Musk, who was seen tweeting by tweet talks, Even though he had already killed.

    It struck a deal to buy Twitter last month as Musk’s response to the acquisition was becoming more skeptical and uncertain investor bankers and even Twitter itself was left wondering what his motive was according to some analysts.

    He was either trying to reduce the acquisition price or walked away from it. The deal as a whole and its accompanying many were incensed by her ways, which included market-walking announcements from the cuffs of conventions as well as emoji-laden tweets in the middle of the night.

    Yet his comments seem to be in keeping with Musk’s long standing mode of operation where he often makes decisions on the fly in the most critical moments, shuns experts and relies almost entirely on his own decisions.

    In what he said years ago that he had given up on making business plans, people closest to Elon Musk have said the billionaire had no plans when he proposed to buy Twitter on the last day of the month. People expressed their views on this and a professor of Corporate Governance at Tulane Law School said that I think.

    That it’s all just that he’s making a lot of noise and showing the kind of headaches that he’ll cause for company if they try. It is a matter of record that Twitter shares fell eight per cent on May 9 and rose more than three per cent on May 10, when Twitter shares were hovering around 38 per cent from 54.20 per share.

    Which Musk had agreed to pay. For the company and far below where she traded before Elon Musk, having previously revealed in March that he had bought a major stake in Twitter, it’s clear the two sides are working closely to complete the deal.

    In the background he filed a joint regulatory filing on May 9, negotiating a deal that will not be easy for Mr. Musk as well as the $1 billion breakup fee promised by Twitter that includes a specific 3 performance clause. Gives rights to the company.

    Sue him and force him to complete the deal, as long as the debt he acquired remains intact. Twitter’s board said in a statement that it believes the settlement is in the best interest of all shareholders.

    We intend to close the transaction and enforce the principal agreement. Elon Musk has made a lot of comments recently about the Twitter deal with fake accounts on the platform. Twitter has long said in regulatory filings that less than five percent of its accounts are fake.

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