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A long conflict ensued between Elon Musk and Bill Gates

    A long conflict ensued between Elon Musk and Bill Gates

    A long conflict ensued between Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The latest news of the rift between the two richest people will come out. Elon Musk Steps Down With Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Knuckles Saw Gates

    E employees as well as Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged relationship with a series of solicitations of minors don’t seem very comfortable to Bill Gates.

    Don’t forget the current uproar where Gates overheard 19 vaccination programs proven around the world. It’s perhaps not so surprising that Elon Musk called out Bill Gates for short Tesla for the purpose of exposing Microsoft billionaire Musk.

    It has long been to blame for this covert maneuver. From time to time called a nemesis and recently it has become. From the words of the mask about Bill Geist’s bad deeds, it seems that the two are striving for the benefit of peace and prosperity but lately a lot has happened between them.

    Something happened and from the very beginning Elon suspected Microsoft’s creators of not being honest and lying. People also did not believe that some of his actions were correct and suggested that Bill Gates did not always do everything neatly in his trading signals.

    Given that he had previously taken or given a bribe and may be a corrupt official and present good deeds to forget the dirty past but without clear evidence Elon Musk has any right to accuse him of corruption Not there.

    Suspicions exist that Elon appeared on Twitter on April 22 with screenshots of correspondence between Musk and Bill Gates and the world or other billionaire Bill Gates with Elon Musk’s envoy.

    The Richest Man and Homer’s Blog Account Do you still have half a billion less than Tesla Asked Musk?

    Gates responded and offered to discuss charity issues, I’m sorry I can’t take your philanthropy on climate change seriously while you have a big small stance against Tesla, Musk tweeted. Most of the work has been done to solve the problem of climate change.

    Elon Musk spotted the design and confirmed the leak from his phone the same day. Confirmed that the correspondence was indeed there, but I didn’t leak it, after receiving it from friends of friends the next day, Musk tweeted a very malicious joke about Gates.

    A collage containing a photo of Gates and a figure of a pregnant man in a blue shirt and a blue T-shirt on the left is red If Yours On Sunday, Elon Musk posted an interesting tweet that caused a community stir, the same day he was negotiating a purchase. Had been.

    The social network Twitter and immediately had a version that he was refusing to take a few hours later, the billionaire added a tweet joking about Gates because of Tesla shorts and Gates with a statement of support for the fight against climate change .

    Ed did not comment in any way on the approval of the correspondence via Holmer’s blog account, which is led by a fan of Masks on Marcosi not after hostile attacks on him, but for owning Tesla stock. After.

    As Musk agreed to buy Twitter on April 25 for $44 billion, Tesla’s capitalization fell to 12.18 on the Nasdaq, with investors worried the deal would cost Musk the automaker’s paper margin loans. . Must be mortgaged.

    Whereas Musk may have actually secured a $12.5 billion loan from Morgan Stanley secured by shares of Tesla.

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