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Tesla Cyber Truck:- Tesla New Futuristic Cyber House!! – Em Power


    Tesla Futuristic Cyber House:-

    The house is divided into several areas, including residential home security and the production of food and energy, and each needs to be durable enough to keep up with each other. The walls of the house are therefore made from reinforced monolithic concrete and steel.
    The futuristic angular design typical for the Tesla Cybertruck means, that the house consists of multiple rings or defensive reinforcements, each acting in contingency with each other, so if one is breached, the other Cybertruck’s one of the other. The notable feature is its monocoque chassis design, which means, that the body and chassis of the truck are treated as a single unit.

    When the view from outside is so amazing then how amazing will it be from inside?

    This design feature creates a cage-like shell in the body of the truck, providing major flexibility and improved safety to the vehicle, reflected in the steel-clad cage-like reinforcement. Cyber ​​House’s exterior design, ground plan, ground plan for a post-apocalyptic shelter is 7500 square feet or 70.
    0 meters in total and boasts an impressive 3230 sq ft or 300 sq m of living space, making it a sprawling setting to await any crisis from the outside, the plan for the future Cyber ​​House is to divide the building into three Stored on different floors.
    Each of which has its own, purpose specified to help you see through the apocalypse. The first of these floors is the one you’ll enter at ground level, driving your cyber truck through the garage entrance as you drive your vehicle. park where an inbuilt lift system will take it out of sight.

    Is there a bathroom for the People? And is this a place worth living for?

    To allow you to make the most of your living space underground two adjacent wings serve as the main living quarters of the house, on the west wing of the ground floor are a series of bedrooms. Each bedroom can sleep two people, three to be exact, and they feature their own toilet unit on the opposite wing of the ground floor.
    Two more bedrooms are located, both of which also have their own bathroom units. These bedrooms are also designed to comfortably sleep two people, the eastern wing of the building designed to house the Cyber ​​House, bringing multiple people. Huh. There is a communal bathroom and a disinfection shower unit out of a total of 10 displayed on the ground floor of the Cyber ​​House.
    In the event that some catastrophic event causes high radiation or toxicity, the residents of the cyber house can take advantage of this chemical. To protect yourself against radiation poisoning at the far end of the east wing on the ground floor the shower unit is a lounge area, so you can sit back, and relax.

    Will food be arranged for the people in the cyber house?

    Zombies plague the earth outside on the opposite side of the building in the residents of the West Wing. Cyber ​​House will equip its own kitchen and dining area for 6 to 10 people, so that everyone can enjoy cooking the produce grown on the roof of the house, below this main residential area is the bunker floor, the bunker level consists of reinforced rooms There is a chain which act as stock rooms.
    In which the essential supplies needed to keep the residents alive are kept inside these store rooms, they will be food items, which will be preserved through freezing and canning for drying. Many of which would need to be brought in from outside, many of these storerooms needed to stock enough food so that six to ten people could survive long enough in the bunker.
    Cyber ​​House is designed to be stocked for several months. Cyberhouses also need to stock their own with medical supplies that can be put to use in an emergency if a person is injured, or needs medical assistance.

    If for some reason an accident happens in the cyber house, will the doctor be present there?

    Tins and cans for medical supplies are being kept in the food supply rooms. The rooms in the Cyber ​​House will need to be piled with drug pills, surgical equipment and medical equipment like defibrillators and ventilators. The Apocalypse therefore takes care of the food stock fuel residents would need to make it through the day.
    Cyberhouses also need this, as a source of fuel where the bunker’s generator rooms come in handy, underground bunker houses have a series of generator rooms. which is designed to ensure that the shelter can continue to support life even in the event of a cut-off from the main power supply bunker.
    There is a state-of-the-art security room, which monitors the exterior and interior of the building. Camera sensors and alarms are part of the high security precautions built into Cyber ​​House, all the activities captured on this system can be monitored, and responded to.

    Does Cyber ​​House also have a lift system?

    The security control room in the north-east corner of the bunker’s house can make its way up to the convertible terrace floor using a lift system built into the core of the Cyber ​​House, which is the rooftop terrace at the top of the future residence. Designed to be comfortable.
    Its biggest priority above the roof is the possibility to grow a wide variety of plants and herbs. The roof is also designed to act as power apart from providing energy for the humans living in the house, which can be used to feed the members of the household.
    Generators for all of the home’s mechanical functions. The roof is decked out in Tesla solar panels, each with an output of 340 watts. Given the size of the Cyber ​​House, these panels cover the entire roof, meaning That’s basically a personal solar farm to keep everything running.

    Easy Point’s –

    1. In addition to the smoothie Cyber ​​House designers took the cost of one of these futuristic mega-as-a-house-attached windmills with the ability to generate electricity from whatever storms might be raging outside the price tag estimates. Secondary power generation is suggested.
    2. Homes vary wildly depending on the exact specifications and features desired by the buyer, say the designers, that the house itself can be c, directed for as low as 865000, though it can furnish the home with all the necessary gadgets for the doomsday. The latter does not take into account the huge cost of building a sanctuary.
    3. It aims to be solar panel windmill medical accoutrements and high tech safety gear. Naturally the price will increase significantly, but given that the home is designed to withstand everything from natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and explosions to technical accidents such as chemical emissions and radioactive contamination.
    4. The high price tag just might be worth it and we wouldn’t be surprised as to Elon Musk’s vision if he’s interested in matching the Cyber ​​Truck to one of the cyber homes inside Tesla’s New Futuristic Cyberhouse.
    I hope you have got complete information.
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