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Elon Musk shares dire warning about Al in exclusive two-part interview with tucker carlson

    Elon Musk shares dire warning about Al in exclusive two-part interview with tucker carlson

    Billionaire tech tycoon Elon Musk sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for a wide-ranging discussion that will air next week on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

    In the interview, Elon Musk will discuss the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could change the planet forever.

    In preview interviews released Friday, the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX warned about AI, calling it “more dangerous” than any flawed vehicle.

    Elon Musk told Carlson, “AI is more dangerous than bad aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production.” “In the sense that it has the potential, even if one considers that potential to be small, but it is non-trivial, it has the potential for the destruction of civilization.”

    Musk will also share the inside story of Twitter and his future plans for the social media platform that he bought last fall.

    The two-part program will air next Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm. ET on Fox News Channel.

    Elon Musk emerged as one of the biggest news makers over the past year for his acquisition of Twitter, causing consternation among Democrats and liberal media over his expressed ambition to restore free speech on the platform, which many have seen as too left-wing. regarded as an ideology.

    After officially taking over the platform, Musk’s first major move was to restore former President Trump’s account, which was banned on all major social media platforms following the Capitol riot on January 6.

    Musk took the unprecedented step of providing independent journalists access to Twitter’s archives for a series of reports titled “The Twitter Files,” which revealed Trump’s suspension, Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the tech giant. What is the reason for continuous coordination? and the federal government to moderate the content.

    But Musk’s reign as Twitter CEO has also come with controversy. He faced backlash for suspending a group of journalists whom he accused of violating Twitter’s newly implemented “doxing” policy after they posted accounts tracking their private jets based on public data. was notified of the ban. The journalists were allowed to return amid public protests.

    He was also criticized for cracking down on the content of Substack, a popular newsletter subscription service, which he accused of using Twitter’s coding to launch a similar program. After massive protests, Musk rolled back some of the restrictions placed on Substack Link.

    Throughout his time on Twitter, Musk has clashed with the legacy media. Earlier this month, Musk removed The New York Times’ verified check mark, calling the paper “propaganda.” Days later, he slapped NPR with the label “American state-affiliated media” because it receives government funding. The label was traditionally applied to state-run media outlets in foreign autocracies such as Russia’s RT and China’s Xinhua.

    Following criticism from the left, Musk changed NPR’s label to “government funded media”. NPR and PBS, which also received the label, have announced they are leaving Twitter as a result.


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