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Elon Musk Finally CANCELED Buying Twitter

    You must be thinking that now tech billionaire will have to pay 1 billion as compensation fee but not what were the reasons behind such decision about scam billionaire join us today in this video as we explore Elon Musk We all know why Twitter just canceled the deal.

    Elon Musk has been expressing his interest in the platform for quite some time on April 4, having bought a 9.2 percent investment in the firm making him the largest individual stakeholder of Twitter and he was also offered a position on the board of directors of Musk purposefully. Rupp declined the offer since it would have limited his ability to buy.

    On 14 April 2022, the share tech billionaire made a bid to buy American microblogging site outright a day after his $43 billion bid Twitter’s board of directors gathered and devised a poison pill strategy to sabotage it.

    Project aimed at Tech Titans acquisition plan Twitter’s board of directors now has the ability to issue additional Twitter shares if Musk’s stake in the company is 15. Across the plan also allows other owners to buy additional shares except Elon at a lower price. In other words, shareholder defense is a strategy to reduce ownership.

    Any company is trying to take private even though this is not the reason Elon refused to take over Twitter These challenges Tesla CEO Elon Musk had a deal with Twitter’s board of directors 44 . Billion dollars to buy the social media network in case the tech tycoon walks away.

    For whatever reason he agreed to pay a billion dollar cancellation fee but no longer as he claims the reasons are valid and not his Twitter takeover mistake as the earlier announcement began on April 25 And I expected to finish.

    October puzzles why Elon will cancel the transaction in less than a month after starting the process of acquiring a 100 stake in Twitter The answer to this problem can be found in Musk, who thinks Twitter is a necessary form of expression for individuals. The medium itself and that it is not alive.

    Free speech to its fullest potential is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy and Twitter is the digital town square where the future of humanity is vital, Musk said in a statement announcing the transaction though if you believe that Musk pulled out. Is.

    Because he believes he can no longer make Twitter a free speech platform he wants you to be wrong Kasturi also criticized the lack of an edit tool on the social media site where the edit is in his 2019 tweet.

    Work when you really need it, Musk tweeted Ted 2022. Said at the April 2022 conference that he wants to feature an edit button on Twitter so that critics’ issues can be addressed

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